Dr Mariya Ivancheva

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

Mariya Ivancheva is an anthropologist and sociologist of higher education and labour. She has carried out historically grounded and theoretically informed ethnographic fieldwork and interdisciplinary mixed-method research in different regions of the world, including Eastern and Western Europe, South America and Southern Africa.   

Her academic and research-driven advocacy work focus on the casualisation and digitalisation of academic labour, the re/production of intersectional inequalities at universities and high-skilled labour markets, and the role of academic and student communities in broader processes of social change especially in transitions to/from socialism.

As an engaged scholar she has been a member of a number of research-led platforms, working on national, international and EU-level on topics of anti-racism, labour rights, gender and financial justice, e.g. LeftEast, LevFem, Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational (E.A.S.T.) and PrecAnthro.

On the basis of her anti-precarity work with the latter group in 2021-2023 she has been elected as a President of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).

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Ivancheva Mariya
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Putting the university to work : the subsumption of academic labour in UK's shift to digital higher education
Ivancheva Mariya, Garvey Brian
New Technology, Work and Employment (2022)

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Professional activities

ASA2022: Anthropology Educates
17th EASA Biennial Conference EASA2022: Transformation, Hope and the Commons
Member of programme committee
Spring Into Methods - Doing Feminist Research
International Labour Process Conference
VIDEO: A personal tale of two socialisms
Academic precarity and digital higher education provision before and after COVID-19

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Care and social inequalities: public kindergarten place shortages and their impact on women in post-socialist Bulgaria
Weissova, Lea (Principal Investigator) Ivancheva, Mariya (Co-investigator) Tetevenski, Stoyo (Research Co-investigator) Eneva, Stoyanka (Research Co-investigator) Drenska, Kalina (Research Co-investigator)
A project sponsored by the Bulgarian Fund for Women.
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2022
Re/defining “Essential Work”: The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Venezuelan Migrants in Argentina
Ivancheva, Mariya (Principal Investigator) Pla, Jesica Lorena (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2022
Labour market integration of university-trained Venezuelan migrants in Argentina
Ivancheva, Mariya (Principal Investigator) Pla, Jesica Lorena (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 01-Jan-2021
The Unbundled University: Researching Emerging Models in an Unequal Landscape
Morris, Neil (Principal Investigator) Czerniewicz, Laura (Principal Investigator) Ivancheva, Mariya (Researcher)
01-Jan-2016 - 30-Jan-2018
Equality of opportunity in action: studies in working, learning and caring
Lynch, Kathleen (Principal Investigator) Ivancheva, Mariya (Researcher)
01-Jan-2014 - 31-Jan-2017
From informal to illegal: Roma housing in (post)socialist Bulgaria
Ivancheva, Mariya (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2014 - 31-Jan-2014

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