Dr Byongug Jeong


Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering


Evaluation of the lifecycle environmental benefits of full battery powered ships : comparative analysis of marine diesel and electricity
Jeong Byongug, Jeon Hyeonmin, Kim Seongwan, Kim Jongsu, Zhou Peilin
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 8 (2020)
Safety evaluation on LNG bunkering : to enhance practical establishment of safety zone
Jeong Byongug, Park Sayyoon, Ha Seungman, Lee Jae-ung
Ocean Engineering (2020)
Optimization of tugboat propulsion system configurations : a holistic life cycle assessment case study
Wang Haibin, Zhou Peilin, Liang Yibo, Jeong Byongug, Mesbahi Ana
Journal of Cleaner Production Vol 259 (2020)
Development of Parametric Trend Life Cycle Assessment for marine SOx reduction scrubber systems
Jang Hayoung, Jeong Byongug, Zhou Peilin, Ha Seungman, Nam Dong, Kim Joongwon, Lee Jae-ung
Journal of Cleaner Production (2020)
Determining the influence of ship hull deformations caused by draught change on shaft alignment application using FE analysis
Seo Chul-Oh, Jeong Byongug, Kim Jung-Ryul, Song Myeongho, Noh Jung-Ho, Lee Jae-ung
Ocean Engineering (2020)
Ship lifecycle
Zhou Peilin, Jeong Byongug
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 8 (2020)

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