Dr Byongug Jeong

Teaching Associate

Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering


Life cycle assessment of LNG fueled vessel in domestic services
Hwang Sangsoo, Jeong Byongug, Jung Kwanghyo, Kim Mingyu, Zhou Peilin
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 7 (2019)
Investigation on marine LNG propulsion systems for LNG carriers through an enhanced hybrid decision making model
Jeong Byongug, Jang Hayoung, Zhou Peilin, Lee Jae-ung
Journal of Cleaner Production Vol 230, pp. 98-115 (2019)
Configurations optimization of a tug ship propulsion system : a life cycle assessment case study
Wang Haibin, Liang Yibo, Jeong Byongug, Mesbahi Ana, Zhou Peilin
Young Researchers Seminar 2019, pp. 1-17 (2019)
Life cycle and economic assessment of a solar panel array applied to a short route ferry
Wang Haibin, Oguz Elif, Jeong Byongug, Zhou Peilin
Journal of Cleaner Production Vol 219, pp. 471-484 (2019)
Regulatory gaps between LNG carriers and LNG fuelled ships
Ha Seung-man, Lee Won-Ju, Jeong Byongug, Choi Jae-Hyuk, Kang Jun
Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology (2019)
Multi-criteria decision-making for marine propulsion : hybrid, diesel electric and diesel mechanical systems from cost-environment-risk perspectives
Jeong Byongug, Oguz Elif, Wang Haibin, Zhou Peilin
Applied Energy Vol 230, pp. 1065-1081 (2018)

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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering
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