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Dr Panagiotis Kaklis


Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering


Shape optimization of conductive-media interfaces using an IGA-BEM solver
Kostas K.V., Fyrillas M.M., Politis C.G, Ginnis A.I., Kaklis P.D.
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Vol 340, pp. 600-614, (2018)
Re-creation of site-specific multi-directional waves with non-collinear current
Draycott S., Noble D.R., Davey T., Bruce T., Ingram D.M., Johanning L., Smith H.C.M., Day A., Kaklis P.
Ocean Engineering Vol 152, pp. 391-403, (2018)
Wave-resistance computation via CFD and IGA-BEM solvers : a comparative study
Wang Xinning, Chouliaras Sotirios P., Kaklis Panagiotis D., Ginnis Alexandros A.-I., Politis Constantinos G., Kostas Konstantinos V.
27th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference, (2017)
Design optimisation of Propeller Boss Cap Fins for enhanced propeller performance
Mizzi Kurt, Demirel Yigit Kemal, Banks Charlotte, Turan Osman, Kaklis Panagiotis, Atlar Mehmet
Applied Ocean Research Vol 62, pp. 210–222, (2017)
Shape-optimization of 2D hydrofoils using an isogeometric BEM solver
Kostas K.V., Ginnis A.I., Politis C.G., Kaklis P.D.
CAD Computer Aided Design Vol 82, pp. 79-87, (2017)
Ship-hull shape optimization with a T-spline based BEM-isogeometric solver
Kostas K. V., Ginnis A. I., Politis C. G., Kaklis P. D.
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Vol 284, pp. 611-622, (2015)

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Professional activities

VELOS - A VR environment for ship applications: current status and planned extensions. Invited talk in the Dagstuhl Workshop on Virtual Realities 2013. Organizers: Guido Brunnett (TU Chemnitz, DE), Sabine Coquillart (INRIA Rh^one-Alpes, FR), Robert van Liere (CWI - Amsterdam, NL), Gregory F. Welch (University of Central Florida - Orlando, US).
Invited speaker
Elsevier (Publisher)
Editorial board member

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ARCADES: Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes (H2020 MSCA - ETN)
Kaklis, Panagiotis (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2016 - 31-Dec-2019
BTG: Location of the human hip joint centre using mathematical modelling techniques
Conway, Bernard (Academic) Solomonidis, Stephanos (Academic) Kaklis, Panagiotis (Academic) Barrenechea, Gabriel (Academic)
Gait analysis is used for the evaluation of prosthetic/orthotic devices, orthopaedic implants, and for the treatment of various medical conditions. To study joint kinetics and kinematics during gait analysis, it is necessary that the position of the Hip Joint Centre (HJC) is determined as accurately as possible. It is difficult to obtain the exact location of the HJC as it is very deeply seated inside the body, surrounded by several layers of soft tissues. In this project we aim to develop a mathematical model to accurately predict the location of the HJC. We will also explore the use of ultrasonics for HJC location
Period 03-Mar-2014 - 30-Jun-2014
A Virtual Environment for Passenger-Ship-Evacuation, Funding : Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology (PAVE '05)
Kaklis, Panagiotis (Academic)
Period 01-Jul-2006 - 31-Jan-2007
Exact Geometry Simulation for Optimized Design of Vehicles and Vessels, Funding : European Union, Framework Programme: FP7-CP-FP, Grant agreement no.: 218536
Kaklis, Panagiotis (Academic)
Period 01-Oct-2008 - 31-Mar-2012

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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering
Henry Dyer Building

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