Dr Demosthenes Kivotides

Senior Lecturer

Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

We are active in the general mathematical areas of Nonlinear, Statistical and Computational Physics (NSCP). We have previously published on a wide variety of topics: reacting fluids, superfluids, incompressible flows, plasmas, colloidal suspensions and polymer solutions. We constantly seek for opportunities to extend our research into new, exciting NSCP areas, in particular those that combine fundamental theoretical insights with great societal and economic impact.


Superfluid helium-4 hydrodynamics with discrete topological defects
Kivotides Demosthenes
Physical Review Fluids Vol 3 (2018)
Mutual-friction induced instability of normal-fluid vortex tubes in superfluid helium-4
Kivotides Demosthenes
Physics Letters A Vol 382, pp. 1481-1485 (2018)
Interactions between vortex tubes and magnetic-flux rings at high kinetic and magnetic Reynolds numbers
Kivotides Demosthenes
Physical Review Fluids Vol 3 (2018)
A method for the computation of turbulent polymeric liquids including hydrodynamic interactions and chain entanglements
Kivotides Demosthenes
Physics Letters A Vol 381, pp. 629-635 (2017)
Interactions between normal-fluid and superfluid vortex rings in helium-4
Kivotides Demosthenes
EPL: A Letters Journal Exploring the Frontiers of Physics Vol 112 (2015)
Decay of finite temperature superfluid helium-4 turbulence
Kivotides Demosthenes
Journal of Low Temperature Physics Vol 181, pp. 68-76 (2015)

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Chemical and Process Engineering
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