Dr Karina Kubiak-Ossowska

H P C Support Officer

Chemical and Process Engineering


Locating the nucleation sites for protein encapsulated gold nanoclusters : a molecular dynamics and fluorescence study
Russell B. A., Kubiak-Ossowska K., Mulheran P. A., Birch D. J. S., Chen Y.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Vol 17, pp. 21935-21941, (2015)
Fibronectin module FNIII9 adsorption at contrasting solid model surfaces studied by atomistic molecular dynamics
Kubiak-Ossowska Karina, Mulheran Paul A., Nowak Wieslaw
Journal of Physical Chemistry B Vol 118, pp. 9900-9908, (2014)
Spontaneous membrane-translocating peptide adsorption at silica surfaces : a molecular dynamics study
Kubiak-Ossowska Karina, Burley Glenn, Patwardhan Siddharth V, Mulheran Paul A
Journal of Physical Chemistry B Vol 117, pp. 14666–14675, (2013)
Protein diffusion and long-term adsorption states at charged solid surfaces
Kubiak-Ossowska Karina, Mulheran Paul A
Langmuir Vol 28, pp. 15577–15585, (2012)
Multiprotein interactions during surface adsorption : a molecular dynamics study of lysozyme aggregation at a charged solid surface
Kubiak-Ossowska Karina, Mulheran Paul A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B Vol 115, pp. 8891-8900, (2011)
Mechanism of hen egg white lysozyme adsorption on a charged solid surface
Kubiak-Ossowska Karina, Mulheran Paul A.
Langmuir Vol 26, pp. 15954-15965, (2010)

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Chemical and Process Engineering
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