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Personal statement

I am Paul Lassalle and I joined the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship as a lecturer in 2017. Previously, I held research and teaching positions at Sheffield Business School, University of Glasgow and University of the West of Scotland, where I gained my Ph.D in Migration and Entrepreneurship. I also currently hold a visiting position at SKEMA Business School (France).

Prior to undertaking my doctorate work in Scotland, I completed an MRes at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (Sciences Po- CNRS) and an MA in Political Science at Sciences Po Paris (France).

I am a member of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE), the Regional Studies Association (RSA), the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) Group and the American Association of Geographers (AAG), where I regularly attend and present my research work.

Finally, I am engaged in interdisciplinary and international collaborative research projects with colleagues from other universities (e.g. University of Kiel, Germany, Poznań University of Economics and Business)


Has expertise in:

    Trained in qualitative research methods at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations at Sciences Po – CNRS (France), I have an experience of conducting research fieldworks in different industries and national contexts in order to deliver impactful research for policy-makers. I am engaged in multi-disciplinary and collaborative projects, bridging to other disciplines such as International Business, Geography and Sociology. My most recent fieldworks include:

    • The role of support institutions on the development of the online Gambling entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malta (2016)
    • Approximating and mapping ethnic entrepreneurship diversity in Glasgow (2016)
    • Polish migrant entrepreneurs in Glasgow (Ph.D. thesis)

Prizes and awards

Best Paper in the “Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups” Track at the 40th ISBE Conference 2017, Belfast

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Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Research Supervisor Development Programme (Sheffield Hallam University)



What entrepreneurs do? Entrepreneurial action guided by entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial learning in early internationalising firms
Masango Shingairai, Lassalle Paul
International Marketing Review (2020)
Proximities and the emergence of regional industry : evidence of the liability of smallness in Malta
Yamamura Sakura, Lassalle Paul
European Planning Studies (2019)
Approximating entrepreneurial superdiversity : reconceptualizing the superdiversity debate in ethnic minority entrepreneurship
Yamamura Sakura, Lassalle Paul
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, pp. 1-22 (2019)
Migrant women entrepreneurs : a structurationist analysis of intersectionality in entrepreneurship
Lassalle Paul
AoM 2019: 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Boston, MA (2019)
Starting Over : Migrant Entrepreneurship in Scotland
Mwaura Samuel, Levie Jonathan, Lassalle Paul, Drakopoulou Dodd Sarah, Stoyanov Stoyan
Approximating entrepreneurial superdiversity : reconceptualizing the superdiversity debate in ethnic minority entrepreneurship
Yamamura Sakura, Lassalle Paul

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I have an experience of teaching undergraduates and postgraduates programmes in a variety of different disciplines such as Entrepreneurship, International Business and Social Sciences.

My current teaching include:

  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Internationalisation and Growth
  • Research Methods

I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2013 and I am interested in developing new collaborative approaches to teaching (including international collaborative teaching projects, e.g. with the University of Kiel, Germany). 

Research interests

  • Migrant and Minority Entrepreneurship
  • Contextualised entrepreneurship
  • Internationalising ventures
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Opportunity creation
  • Diversity in Entrepreneurship

My recent research activities are concerned with the development of contextual approaches for understanding the entrepreneurial action within the structures in which they are embedded and operate.  I am focussing on the developments of the entrepreneurial ecosystem concept from a multi-levelled and multi-layered processual perspective that explicitly links learning processes, opportunity creation and embeddedness in different networks with entrepreneurial action.  I am especially interested in exploring the role played by entrepreneurial ecosystem on international entrepreneurship activities in migration and diversity contexts. 


Migrant Entrepreneurship in Scotland
Mwaura, Samuel (Principal Investigator) Drakopoulou Dodd, Sarah (Co-investigator) Lassalle, Paul (Co-investigator) Levie, Jonathan (Co-investigator) Stoyanov, Stoyan (Co-investigator)
27-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2018
Ethnic Minority Enterprise in Scotland
Mwaura, Samuel (Principal Investigator) Carter, Sara (Co-investigator) Levie, Jonathan (Co-investigator) Stoyanov, Stoyan (Co-investigator) Lassalle, Paul (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2017 - 30-Jan-2018

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