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Dr Nicolas Laurand

Senior Research Fellow

Institute of Photonics

Personal statement

Dr. Nicolas Laurand (NL), a Member of IEEE and OSA, is an Associate Team Leader in the Photonic Materials and Devices group at the Institute of Photonics (IoP) of the University of Strathclyde. NL is pursuing a programme of research at the interface of Photonics, Nanotechnology and the Life Sciences in order:


  1. To develop novel functional materials and hybrid photonic devices for use in optical communications, sensing and scientific instrumentation 
  2. To further scientific knowledge.


NL’s research interests also cover inorganic semiconductor lasers (e.g. microchip semiconductor disk lasers and hybrid fibre-semiconductor lasers). NL has held a SUPA ‘Physics at the Life Science interface’ fellowship (2010-2013), is PI on an EPSRC First Grant on ‘Hybrid Colloidal Quantum Dot Lasers for Conformable Photonics’ (EP/J021962/1) and is part of the EPSRC Programme Grant 'Ultra-parallel visible light communications'.


Gb/s visible light communications with colloidal quantum dot color converters
Leitao Miguel F., Santos Joao M. M., Guilhabert Benoit, Watson Scott, Kelly Anthony E., Islim Mohamed S., Haas Harald, Dawson Martin D., Laurand Nicolas
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics Vol 23, (2017)
InGaN µLEDs integrated onto colloidal quantum dot functionalised ultra-thin glass
Rae K., Foucher C., Guilhabert B., Islim M.S., Yin L., Zhu D., Oliver R.A., Wallis D.J., Haas H., Laurand N., Dawson M.D.
Optics Express Vol 25, pp. 19179-19184, (2017)
Fluorene-containing tetraphenylethylene molecules as lasing materials
Orofino C., Foucher C., Farrell F., Findlay N. J., Breig B., Kanibolotsky A. L., Guilhabert B., Vilela F., Laurand N., Dawson M. D., Skabara P. J.
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry Vol 55, pp. 734-746, (2017)
Colloidal quantum dot color converters for visible light communications
Santos J. M., Leitao M., Foucher C., Guilhabert B., Watson S., Kelly A. E., Rajbhandari S., Chun H., Haas H., Faulkner Grahame, O'Brien D. C., Laurand Nicolas, Dawson M. D.
2016 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), pp. 396-397, (2017)
Transfer printed multi-color integrated devices for visible light communication applications
Rae K., Xie E., Foucher C., Guilhabert B., Ferreira R., Zhu D., Wallis D.J., Humphreys C.J., Oliver R.A., Gu E., Laurand N., Dawson M.D.
Solid-State Lighting 2016Proceedings Light, Energy and the Environment, (2016)
InGaN micro-LEDs integrated onto an ultra-thin, colloidal quantum dot functionalized glass platform
Rae K., Foucher C., Guilhabert B., Laurand N., Zhu D., Humphreys C.J., Wallis D.J., Dawson M.D.
2016 IEEE Photonics Conference, 29th Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society, (2016)

more publications

Professional activities

Quantum dot lasers
External Examiner
Mechanically-Flexible Arrays of Organic Microlasers
Invited speaker
Thesis review and external assessment for European Doctorate
External Examiner
Seminar at Luminous!, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Invited speaker
Nature Photonics (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Stephane Blin

more professional activities


Fraunhofer UK Research Limited: Studentship Agreement | Jankauskas, Marius
Laurand, Nicolas (Principal Investigator) Dawson, Martin (Co-investigator) Jankauskas, Marius (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2015 - 01-Apr-2019
Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP - University of Strathclyde) | McPhillimy, John Robert
Strain, Michael (Principal Investigator) Laurand, Nicolas (Co-investigator) McPhillimy, John Robert (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2015 - 01-Apr-2019
Medical Devices Doctoral Training Centre Renewal | McConnell, Glenn
Laurand, Nicolas (Principal Investigator) Burley, Glenn (Co-investigator) McConnell, Glenn (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 01-Nov-2017
EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant - DTA, University of Strathclyde | McLellan, Luke
Laurand, Nicolas (Principal Investigator) Dawson, Martin (Co-investigator) McLellan, Luke (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 01-Apr-2017
Epsrc Doctoral Training Grant | Rae, Katherine Jeanne
Dawson, Martin (Principal Investigator) Laurand, Nicolas (Co-investigator) Rae, Katherine Jeanne (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 01-Apr-2017
FlexiLEDs with printed graphen based thermal management
Dawson, Martin (Principal Investigator) Laurand, Nicolas (Co-investigator) Watson, Ian (Co-investigator)
Extremely small flakes of Graphene have been made into printing inks which can pattern thin plastic sheets as well as paper. The flakes are derived in an industrial process from high quality graphite particles in a process known as exfoliation. After the printing process the graphene flakes are organised in a loose arrangement and the contact area between graphene flakes is small. We are developing a conversion process to compress selected areas of the printed graphene regions to enhance heat transfer properties and at the same time make it more efficient when transferring electrical current for integrated electronic and optoelectronic components. Our first demonstration will be flexible sheets of micro LEDs and will lead to completely new and novel formats of solid state lighting and indicator devices. Further development may allow everyday packages to be smart and able to capture data which becomes incorporated in to the internet of things. Other applications would be wearable displays, point of care diagnostic strips, touch devices for light weight vehicles as examples.
Period 01-May-2016 - 30-Apr-2017

more projects


Institute of Photonics
Technology Innovation Centre

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