Dr David Lindsay

Research Associate

Pure and Applied Chemistry


Tipping the polaron–bipolaron balance : concentration and spin effects in doped oligo(aniline)s observed by UV-vis-NIR and TD-DFT
Mills Benjamin M, Shao Zhecheng, Flynn Stephanie R, Rannou Patrice, Lindsay David M, Fey Natalie, Faul Charl F J
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering Vol 4, pp. 103-109 (2019)
Design, synthesis and antibacterial properties of pyrimido[4,5-b]indol-8-amine inhibitors of DNA gyrase
McGarry David H, Cooper Ian R, Walker Rolf, Warrilow Catherine E, Pichowicz Mark, Ratcliffe Andrew J, Salisbury Anne-Marie, Savage Victoria J, Moyo Emmanuel, Maclean John, Smith Andrew, Charrier Cédric, Stokes Neil R, Lindsay David M, Kerr William J
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters Vol 28, pp. 2998-3003 (2018)
A practical and general amidation method from isocyanates enabled by flow technology
Kerr William J, Williams Jason, Leach Stuart, Lindsay David
Angewandte Chemie International Edition Vol 57, pp. 12126-12130 (2018)
Site-selective deuteration of N-heterocycles via iridium-catalyzed hydrogen isotope exchange
Kerr William J, Lindsay David M, Owens Philippa K, Reid Marc, Tuttle Tell, Campos Sébastien
ACS Catalysis Vol 7, pp. 7182–7186 (2017)
Iridium-catalysed ortho-H/D and -H/T exchange under basic conditions : C-H activation of unprotected tetrazoles
Kerr William J, Lindsay David M, Reid Marc, Atzrodt Jens, Derdau Volker, Rojahn Patrick, Weck Remo
Chemical Communications Vol 52, pp. 6669-6672 (2016)
Efficient methods for enol phosphate synthesis using carbon-centred magnesium bases
Kerr William J, Lindsay David M, Patel Vipulkumar K, Rajamanickam Muralikrishnan
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Vol 13, pp. 10131-10135 (2015)

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