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Pure and Applied Chemistry


Stereoselective remote functionalization via palladium catalyzed redox-relay Heck methodologies
Bonfield Holly, Valette Damien, Lindsay David, Reid Marc
Chemistry - A European Journal (2020)
Quantitative prediction of selectivity in iridium-catalysed hydrogen isotope exchange reactions
Timofeeva Daria S, Lindsay David M, Kerr William J, Nelson David J
Synthesis of [3H] and [14C]genipin
Queen Adele E, Hesk David, Lindsay David M, Kerr William J, Rehder Kenneth, Fennell Tim, Mascarella Wayne, Zhong Desong, Runyon Scott
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals Vol 63, pp. 196-202 (2020)
Recent advances in the Pauson-Khand reaction
Lindsay David M, Kerr William J
Cobalt Catalysis in Organic Synthesis (2020) (2020)
The natural product lepidiline A as an N-heterocyclic carbene ligand precursor in complexes of the type [Ir(cod)(NHC)PPh3)]X : synthesis, characterisation, and application in hydrogen isotope exchange catalysis
Cochrane Alison R, Kennedy Alan R, Kerr William J, Lindsay David M, Reid Marc, Tuttle Tell
Catalysts Vol 10 (2020)
Tipping the polaron–bipolaron balance : concentration and spin effects in doped oligo(aniline)s observed by UV-vis-NIR and TD-DFT
Mills Benjamin M, Shao Zhecheng, Flynn Stephanie R, Rannou Patrice, Lindsay David M, Fey Natalie, Faul Charl F J
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering Vol 4, pp. 103-109 (2019)

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