Professor Xichun Luo

Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management

Personal statement

Xichun is a Professor in ultra precision manufacturing and technical director of Centre for Precision Manufacturing (CPM) at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow). He is an Elected Fellow of the International Society for Nanomanufacturing, the International Academy of Engineering and Technology and the International Association of Advanced Materials.His research interests include ultra-precision machining, hybrid micromachining, nanofabrication and digital manufacturing. He obtained his PhDs at Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and Leeds Metropolitan University (UK). From 2004 to 2007, he worked at Cranfield University as a research officer and delivered the world leading research in ultra precision diamond turning and grinding of freeform optics. From 2007 to 2012 he was a lecturer at Heriot-Watt University. From 2012 to 2013 he was a Reader in ultra precision manufacturing at the University of Huddersfield where he leads an Advanced Machining Research Group. He has established an international reputation in ultra precision manufacturing and digital manufacturing, as evidenced by more than 120+ papers in peer-reviewed highly ranked journals and international conferences, his contribution to two books and five invited book chapters and 20+ keynotes and invited talks. He received funding from EPSRC, EC, SFC, ROE and industries (Renishaw, STMicroeletronics, Spanoptic, etc.). He won Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) 2015 Ludwig Mond Prize for his seminal work in application of digital technology for micro and nanomanufacturing.


Molecular dynamics simulation of AFM tip-based hot scratching of nanocrystalline GaAs
Fan Pengfei, Goel Saurav, Luo Xichun, Yan Yongda, Geng Yanquan, He Yang, Wang Yuzhang
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (2021)
Origins of ductile plasticity in a polycrystalline gallium arsenide during scratching : MD simulation study
Fan Pengfei, Goel Saurav, Luo Xichun, Yan Yongda, Geng Yanquan, He Yang
Applied Surface Science Vol 552 (2021)
A high-frequency non-resonant elliptical vibration-assisted cutting device for diamond turning microstructured surfaces
Wang Zhengjian, Luo Xichun, Liu Haitao, Ding Fei, Chang Wenlong, Yang Liang, Zhang Jianguo, Cox Andrew
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Vol 112, pp. 3247-3261 (2021)
Milling stability prediction based on the hybrid interpolation scheme of the Newton and Lagrange polynomials
Xia Yan, Wan Yi, Luo Xichun, Liu Zhanqiang, Song Qinghua
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Vol 112, pp. 1501-1512 (2021)
Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics investigation on brittle–ductile transition of quartz glass in single-grain grinding process
Guo Xiaoguang, Li Ming, Luo Xichun, Zhai Ruifeng, Kang Renke, Jin Zhuji, Guo Dongming
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology Vol 3, pp. 299-306 (2020)
A simulated investigation of ductile response of GaAs in single point diamond turning and experimental validation
Fan Pengfei, Ding Fei, Luo Xichun, Yan Yongda, Geng Yanquan, Wang Yuzhang
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology Vol 3, pp. 239-250 (2020)

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Professional activities

International workshop in the fabrication and application of microstructured optical devices
Invited speaker
IEEE 20th International Conference on Automation & Computing
PhD external examiner
External Examiner
PhD Thesis External Evaluator- Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
9th Applied Optics and Photonics China
PhD examine-University of Nottingham

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Autonomous and Interactive Station Rover for Next-Generation Passenger Information System
Yang, Erfu (Principal Investigator) Luo, Xichun (Co-investigator) Corney, Jonathan (Co-investigator)
KTP project with TrainFX Limited. In total £190,122, funded by the Innovate UK.
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2023
New generation of offshore turbine blades with intelligent architectures of hybrid, nano-enabled multi-materials via advanced manufacturing
Qin, Yi (Principal Investigator) Luo, Xichun (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2024
KTP - TrainFX Resubmission
Yang, Erfu (Principal Investigator) Corney, Jonathan (Co-investigator) Luo, Xichun (Co-investigator)
07-Jan-2020 - 06-Jan-2022
A Multiscale Digital Twin-Driven Smart Manufacturing System for High Value-Added Products
Luo, Xichun (Principal Investigator) Qin, Yi (Co-investigator) Ward, Michael (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2024
Nanomanufactuirng mechanism while using nanostructured atomic force microscope (AFM) probes (Newton Mobility Grant))
Luo, Xichun (Principal Investigator)
31-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2022
KTP - Glass Scribe International
Shu, Will (Principal Investigator) Luo, Xichun (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 29-Jan-2020

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Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management
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