Dr Charles Norman MacLeod

Senior Lecturer

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Personal statement

Charles MacLeod is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering.  He is director of the Sensor Enabled Automation & Robotics Control Hub (SEARCH), a £24M research innovation and technology transfer laboratory. Aligned to this, he is Course Director of the Autonomous Robotic Intelligent Systems (ARIS) MSc. His research is primarily associated with the inspection and manufacturing enhancement of high-value assets and components, where he leads a number of high-profile inter-disciplinary in-process welding and metal additive research projects. He has driven and co-developed core robotic and ultrasonic technology from fundamental EPSRC research, which is now being licensed by a leading industrial organisation and co-developed an innovative inspection robot for a critical life-extension inspection at Sellafield Reprocessing Facility. He is the PI and designer of the Engaging Robotic Interactive Cell (ERIC) STEM Outreach cell.  His research interests include: Non-Destructive Evaluation In-Process Inspection of Fusion Welding & Metal Additive Components Sensors including Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Tactile and Visual Automation & Robotics  Automated Manufacturing & Welding Teaching Activities. Course Director: Autonomous Robotic Intelligent Systems (ARIS) MSc. Module Registrar: EE987 Sensors & Instrumentation Lecturer: EE312 Instrumentation and Microcontrollers 


Development of a phased array ultrasonic system for residual stress measurement in welding and additive manufacturing
Javadi Yashar, Hutchison Alistair, Zimermann Rastislav, Lines David, Sweeney Nina E, Vasilev Momchil, Mohseni Ehsan, Vithanage Randika KW, MacLeod Charles N, Pierce Gareth, Mehnen Jorn, Gachagan Anthony
Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference, pp. 1-9 (2022)
Structure-from-motion based image unwrapping and stitching for small bore pipe inspections
Zhang Dayi, Jackson William, Dobie Gordon, West Graeme, MacLeod Charles Norman
Computers in Industry Vol 139 (2022)
Feasibility study of residual stress measurement using phased ‎array ultrasonic method
Javadi Yashar, Hutchison Alistair, Singh Jonathan, Mohseni Ehsan, Rahimi Salah, Mehnen Jorn, MacLeod Charles Norman, Pierce Gareth, Tant Katherine Margaret Mary, Gachagan Anthony
11th International Conference on Residual Stress (2022)
Dual mode inspection using guided waves and phased array ultrasonics from a single transducer
Tzaferis Konstantinos, Tabatabaeipour Morteza, Dobie Gordon, Pierce Stephen G, Lines David, MacLeod Charles N, Gachagan Anthony
10th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (2022)
Application of ultrasonic guided waves to robotic occupancy grid mapping
Tabatabaeipour Morteza, Trushkevych Oksana, Dobie Gordon, Edwards Rachel S, McMillan Ross, MacLeod Charles, O'Leary Richard, Dixon Steven, Gachagan Anthony, Pierce Stephen G
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Vol 163 (2022)
Deep learning based inversion of locally anisotropic weld properties from ultrasonic array data
Singh Jonathan, Tant Katherine Margaret Mary, Mulholland Anthony, MacLeod Charles Norman
Applied Sciences Vol 12 (2022)

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Professional activities

ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ASTM ICAM 2021)
BINDT Aerospace NDT 2021 Invited Talk
WAAMat Industry Day
BINDT TWI Joint Meeting Invited Talk
WAAMat Industry Day 2019

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Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) - New Organisation Engagement
Mohseni, Ehsan (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator) Pierce, Gareth (Principal Investigator) Javadi, Yashar (Principal Investigator) Wathavana Vithanage, Randika Kosala (Principal Investigator)
Non-destructive evaluation and process optimization for inspection complex components
15-Jan-2022 - 15-Jan-2023
Doctoral Training Partnership 2020-2021 University of Strathclyde | Gover, Harry
Pierce, Gareth (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Co-investigator) Wathavana Vithanage, Randika Kosala (Co-investigator) Gover, Harry (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 01-Jan-2025
EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)-New Organisation Engagement
Mohseni, Ehsan (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Co-investigator) Pierce, Gareth (Co-investigator) Gachagan, Anthony (Co-investigator)
"Automated non-destructive testing of high value additive manufactured components": The IAA application is geared towards how to commercialise the in-process NDT technology (ultrasonic and electromagnetic approaches).
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2021
BH As-Clad Bond Integrity V1
MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator) Gachagan, Anthony (Co-investigator) Javadi, Yashar (Co-investigator) Lines, David (Co-investigator) Mohseni, Ehsan (Co-investigator) Pierce, Gareth (Co-investigator) Wathavana Vithanage, Randika Kosala (Co-investigator)
02-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2022
KTP - Peak NDT
MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator) Lines, David (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2022
EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funding
Qiu, Zhen (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Academic) O'Leary, Richard (Academic) Gachagan, Anthony (Principal Investigator) Stevenson, Tim (Principal Investigator)
High Temperature Ultrasonic Imaging Transducer for In-Process Inspection
15-Jan-2020 - 15-Jan-2021

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