Professor Charles Norman MacLeod

Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Personal statement

Charles MacLeod is a Professor in the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering. 

He is the Babcock International Group / Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Sensor-Driven Automated Welding.

He is director of the Sensor Enabled Automation & Robotics Control Hub (SEARCH), a £24M research innovation and technology transfer laboratory. Aligned to this, he is Course Director of the Autonomous Robotic Intelligent Systems (ARIS) MSc.

His research is primarily associated with the inspection and manufacturing enhancement of high-value assets and components, where he leads a number of high-profile inter-disciplinary in-process welding and metal additive research projects.

He has driven and co-developed core robotic and ultrasonic technology from fundamental EPSRC research, which is now being licensed by a leading industrial organisation and co-developed an innovative inspection robot for a critical life-extension inspection at Sellafield Reprocessing Facility.

He is the PI and designer of the Engaging Robotic Interactive Cell (ERIC) STEM Outreach cell. 

His research interests include:

Non-Destructive Evaluation

In-Process Inspection of Fusion Welding & Metal Additive Components

Sensors including Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Tactile and Visual

Automation & Robotics 

Automated Manufacturing & Welding

Teaching Activities.

Course Director: Autonomous Robotic Intelligent Systems (ARIS) MSc.

Module Registrar: EE987 Sensors & Instrumentation

Lecturer: EE312 Instrumentation and Microcontrollers 

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In-process non-destructive evaluation of metal additive manufactured components at build using ultrasound and eddy-current approaches
Zimermann Rastislav, Mohseni Ehsan, Foster Euan A, Vasilev Momchil, Loukas Charalampos, Vithanage Randika KW, Macleod Charles N, Lines David, Silva Misael Pimentel Espirindio E, Fitzpatrick Stephen, Halavage Steven, McKegney Scott, Rizwan Muhammad Khalid, Pierce Stephen Gareth, Williams Stewart, Ding Jialuo
Journal of Manufacturing Processes Vol 107, pp. 549-558 (2023)
Using phased array ultrasound to localize probes during the inspection of welds
Gilmour Adam, Ulrichsen Alexander, Jackson William, Tabatabaeipour Morteza, Dobie Gordon, MacLeod Charles N, Murray Paul, Karkera Benjamin
IEEE Open Journal of Instrumentation and Control (2023)
A comparison of methods for generating synthetic training data for domain adaption of deep learning models in ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation
McKnight Shaun, Pierce S Gareth, Mohseni Ehsan, MacKinnon Christopher, MacLeod Charles, O'Hare Tom, Loukas Charalampos
NDT and E International Vol 141 (2023)
Considerations for process to part inspection for flexible manufacturing NDT
Pierce Gareth, Mohseni Ehsan, Wathavana Vithanage Randika Kosala, Poole Alastair, Hifi Amine, Shields Matthew, Vasilev Momchil, Loukas Charalampos, MacLeod Charles Norman, Dobie Gordon, O'Brien-O'Reilly Janet, Munro Gavin, O'Hare Tom, Grosser Michael, Oakley Alan
60th Annual British Conference on NDT (2023)
Eddy currents and ultrasonic testing data fusion for Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing
Mohseni Ehsan, Tunukovic Vedran, McKnight Shaun, Zimermann Rastislav, Pyle Richard, Poole Alastair, Gomes Rylan, Pierce Gareth, Rizwan Muhammad Khalid, Wathavana Vithanage Randika Kosala, MacLeod Charles Norman, Foster Euan, Ding Jialuo, Williams Stewart
60th Annual British Conference on NDT (2023)
Application of eddy currents for inspection of carbon fibre composites
Mohseni Ehsan, Pierce Gareth, Burnham Kenneth Charles, MacLeod Charles Norman, Tunukovic Vedran, Foster Euan, O'Hare Tom, Munro Gavin
60th Annual British Conference on NDT (2023)

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Professional Activities

Using In-Process NDE Inspection to Qualify WAAM Builds: Working towards Qualification for Different NDE Modalities
Flexible Robotics for Automated Non-Destructive Testing
Towards Flexible and Automated Robotic Multi-Pass Arc Welding
Royal Institute of Naval Architects Warship Conference - Invited Talk
Flexible Robotics to Inspect Aerospace Components​
Machine Learning for Ultrasonic Testing of composites

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DTP 2224 University of Strathclyde | Macleod, James
MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator) Dobie, Gordon (Co-investigator) Macleod, James (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 01-Jan-2027
Robotic laser ultrasonic inspection system for integration with a WAAM cell (Royce Industrial Collaboration Programme)
Stratoudaki, Theodosia (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Co-investigator) Pierce, Gareth (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 29-Jan-2024
Digital Twin for Manufacturing and Image Processing
Loukas, Charalampos (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator)
Summer internship project for the student Eleanor Smith (4rth year). I am supervising the student who works on the area of digital twin for manufacturing and real-time image processing for robotic welding.
26-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2023
Multi-Modal Sensing for Heavy-Manufacturing Robotic Welding
Loukas, Charalampos (Principal Investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator)
Fusion welding of metals is a joining method fundamental to High-Value Manufacturing (HVM). Distinctive challenges such as the global shortage of welders and the increasing requirement for high-integrity components in the energy and defence sectors fuel the need to research and adopt digital welding
technologies such as sensor-enabled robotic welding. Surface and volumetric sensing approaches at the point of manufacture coupled with real-time robotic motion offer the possibility to control, adapt and consistently ensure defect-free fusion. This project seeks to investigate novel event-based neuromorphic vision sensing coupled to high-temperature in-process ultrasonic imaging to deliver high-integrity welds right the first time.

26-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2023
Residual stress measurement round robin on a wire arc additively manufactured titanium alloy
Javadi, Yashar (Principal Investigator) Sun, Yongle (Co-investigator) Alipooramirabad, Houman (Co-investigator) MacLeod, Charles Norman (Co-investigator) Reid, Mark (Co-investigator)
The aim of this project is the development of a round-robin residual stress measurement to investigate the residual stress in ‎titanium (Ti–6Al–4V) Wire + Arc Additive Manufacture (WAAM) ‎components. Cranfield will contribute with the manufacturing and finite element modelling of the WAAM samples. ‎ANSTO is supporting the project with residual stress measurement using Neutron Diffraction (ND) method‎.
21-Jan-2023 - 21-Jan-2023
inProcess – inspecting high-value components at the point of manufacture (SE HGSP)
MacLeod, Charles Norman (Principal Investigator) Vasilev, Momchil (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2023

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Professor Charles Norman MacLeod
Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Tel: Unlisted