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Roma Maguire is a Professor of Digital Health and Care at the University of Strathclyde and Director of the Health and Care Futures initiative. She is also co-lead of the Health Technology Cluster and holds an Honorary Nurse Consultant post in Digital Health at NHS Lanarkshire.  Her research interests include Digital Health, Remote Patient Monitoring, Supportive Care, Predictive Modelling and Values Based Medicine.  She has significant experience in the co-design, development, evaluation and implementation of person-centred remote patient monitoring systems using patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) to optimise symptom management, promote adherence to medicines, support wellbeing and improve quality of life.  Her research spans several clinical specialities including cancer, dementia, cardiac and respiratory disease and palliative/end of life care.  She has led several multi-site supportive care and digital health studies in the UK and across Europe.


Development of a remote monitoring application to improve care and support patients in the first 30 days following colorectal cancer surgery
Miller Morven, Roxburgh Campbell S, McCann Lisa, Connaghan John, Van-Wyk Hester, McSorley Stephen, Maguire Roma
Seminars in Oncology Nursing Vol 36 (2020)
Status and recommendations of technological and data-driven innovations in cancer care : focus group study
Kondylakis Haridimos, Axenie Cristian, Bastola Dhundy, Katehakis Dimitrios G, Kouroubali Angelina, Kurz Daria, Larburu Nekane, Macía Iván, Maguire Roma, Maramis Christos, Marias Kostas, Morrow Philip, Muro Naiara, Núñez-Benjumea Francisco José, Rampun Andrik, Rivera-Romero Octavio, Scotney Bryan, Signorelli Gabriel, Wang Hui, Tsiknakis Manolis, Zwiggelaar Reyer
Journal of Medical Internet Research Vol 22 (2020)
The tablet-based, engagement, assessment, support, and sign-posting (EASSi) tool for facilitating and structuring sexual well-being conversations in routine prostate cancer care : mixed-methods study
McCaughan Eilís, Flannagan Carrie, Parahoo Kader, Connaghan John, Maguire Roma, Steele Mary, Thompson Samantha, Jain Suneil, Kirby Michael, Brady Nuala, O'Connor Seán R
JMIR Cancer Vol 6 (2020)
Advanced symptom management system for patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (ASyMSmeso) : mixed methods study
Maguire Roma, Connaghan John, Arber Anne, Klepacz Naomi, Blyth Kevin G, McPhelim John, Murray Paul, Rupani Hitasha, Chauhan Anoop, Williams Peter, McNaughton Laura, Woods Kirstie, Moylan Anne
Journal of Medical Internet Research Vol 22 (2020)
Feasibility randomised controlled trial of remote symptom chemotherapy toxicity monitoring using the Canadian adapted Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS-Can) : a study protocol
Moradian Saeed, Krzyzanowska Monika, Maguire Roma, Kukreti Vishal, Amir Eitan, Morita Plinio P, Liu Geoffrey, Liu Geoffrey, Howell Doris
BMJ Open Vol 10 (2020)
Lung cancer stigma : a concept with consequences for patients
Maguire Roma, Lewis Liane, Kotronoulas Grigorios, McPhelim John, Milroy Robert, Cataldo Janine
Cancer Reports (2019)

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Pathways for Improvement in Health Delivery
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Strathclyde COVID-19 Research Portfolio: Novel testing, digital health support and third sector collaboration for impact on social care
Bedford, Tim (Principal Investigator) Corrigan, Damion (Co-investigator) Dunlop, Mark (Co-investigator) Egan, Kieren (Co-investigator) Fleming, Leanne (Co-investigator) Flowers, Paul (Co-investigator) Grealy, Madeleine (Co-investigator) Hoskisson, Paul (Co-investigator) Hunter, Iain (Co-investigator) Janssen, Xanne (Co-investigator) Kirk, Alison (Co-investigator) Knifton, Lee (Co-investigator) Lenhart, Otto (Co-investigator) Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator) Morton, Alec (Co-investigator) Quinn, Neil (Co-investigator) Scott, Fraser (Co-investigator) Suckling, Colin (Co-investigator) Ward, Andrew (Co-investigator) Williams, Lynn (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 16-Jan-2021
ADLIFE (H2020 SC1): Integrated personalized care for patients with advanced chronic diseases to improve health and quality of life
Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) McCann, Lisa (Co-investigator) Morton, Alec (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2023
Connected Symptom Management for Patients & Carers: Innovative, integrated & connected end-of-life
Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) McCann, Lisa (Co-investigator) Miller, Morven (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2021
Social Innovation Programme for Health and Wellbeing
Burns, Henry (Principal Investigator) Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator) van der Meer, Robert (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2020
Adaptation, feasibility and acceptability study of the advanced symptom monitoring and management system (ASyMS) mobile health intervention to reduce chemotherapy toxicities in Canadian cancer patients. Funding Organization: Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Innovation Grant 1- 2017 and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research – the Institute of Cancer.
Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2019
Lennon, Marilyn (Principal Investigator) McCann, Lisa (Principal Investigator) Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) Bouamrane, Matt-Mouley (Principal Investigator)
Process evaluation of National AF and ScotCap Programmes for Digital Health and Care Institute
01-Jan-2018 - 29-Jan-2019

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