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Personal statement

Roma Maguire is a Professor of Digital Health and Care at the University of Strathclyde and Director of the Health and Care Futures initiative. She is also co-lead of the Health Technology Cluster and holds an Honorary Nurse Consultant post in Digital Health at NHS Lanarkshire.  Her research interests include Digital Health, Remote Patient Monitoring, Supportive Care, Predictive Modelling and Values Based Medicine.  She has significant experience in the co-design, development, evaluation and implementation of person-centred remote patient monitoring systems using patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) to optimise symptom management, promote adherence to medicines, support wellbeing and improve quality of life.  Her research spans several clinical specialities including cancer, dementia, cardiac and respiratory disease and palliative/end of life care.  She has led several multi-site supportive care and digital health studies in the UK and across Europe.

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Co-design and prototype development of the 'Ayzot App' : a mobile phone based remote monitoring system for palliative care
Carey Nicola, Abathun Ephrem, Maguire Roma, Wodaje Yohans, Royce Catherine, Ayers Nicola
Palliative Medicine Vol 37, pp. 771-781 (2023)
Digital health in head and neck cancer : a systematic review
Hulse Kate, Li Lucy, Lowit Anja, Maguire Roma, Douglas Catriona
Journal of Laryngology and Otology, pp. 1-33 (2023)
Evaluation of an innovative colon capsule endoscopy service in Scotland from the perspective of patients : mixed methods study
Bond Sarah, Kyfonidis Charalampos, Jamieson Matthew, Maguire Roma, McCann Lisa, Watson Angus, Brogan Michelle, Lennon Marilyn
Journal of Medical Internet Research Vol 25 (2023)
Promoting self-management and patient activation through eHealth : protocol for a systematic literature review and meta-analysis
Moradian Saeed, Maguire Roma, Liu Geoffrey, Krzyzanowska Monika, Butler Marcus, Cheung Chantal, Signorile Marisa, Gregorio Nancy, Ghasemi Shiva, Howell Doris
JMIR Research Protocols Vol 12, pp. e38758 (2023)
Assessment of the effectiveness, socio-economic impact and implementation of a digital solution for patients with advanced chronic diseases : the ADLIFE study protocol
García-Lorenzo Borja, Gorostiza Ania, González Nerea, Larrañaga Igor, Mateo-Abad Maider, Ortega-Gil Ana, Bloemeke Janika, Groene Oliver, Vergara Itziar, Mar Javier, Lim Choi Keung Sarah N, Arvanitis Theodoros N, Kaye Rachelle, Dahary Halevy Elinor, Nahir Baraka, Arndt Fritz, Dichmann Sorknæs Anne, Juul Natassia Kamilla, Lilja Mikael, Sherman Marie Holm, Laleci Erturkmen Gokce Banu, Yuksel Mustafa, Robbins Tim, Kyrou Ioannis, Randeva Harpal, Maguire Roma, McCann Lisa, Miller Morven, Moore Margaret, Connaghan John, Fullaondo Ane, Verdoy Dolores, de Manuel Keenoy Esteban
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol 20 (2023)
A bridge from uncertainty to understanding : the meaning of symptom management digital health technology during cancer treatment
Darley Andrew, Coughlan Barbara, Maguire Roma, McCann Lisa, Furlong Eileen
Digital Health Vol 9 (2023)

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Professional Activities

Management Science (Organisational unit)
Sensors (Journal)
Guest editor
Pathways for Improvement in Health Delivery
Invited speaker

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Mental Health Futures Collaborative
Cogan, Nicola (Principal Investigator) Parra Rodriguez, Mario (Principal Investigator) Fleming, Leanne (Principal Investigator) Quinn, Neil (Principal Investigator) Tse, Dwight (Principal Investigator) Knifton, Lee (Principal Investigator) McCann, Lisa (Principal Investigator) Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) Smith, Matthew (Principal Investigator) Graham, Christopher Darryl (Principal Investigator) Grealy, Madeleine (Principal Investigator) Stephen, Susan (Principal Investigator) Weir, Natalie Mcfadyen (Principal Investigator) Donnachie, Craig (Principal Investigator) Cameron, Julie (Principal Investigator) Kane, Tony (Co-investigator) Lakey, Trevor (Academic) Donovan, Kevin (Fellow)
This Engage with Strathclyde event is aimed at all those with an interest in mental health including people with lived experience, NHS and social care personnel and staff, occupational health and human resource management staff, student support services, university student and staff, academics, private and public sector and other personnel interested in mental health research and knowledge exchange.

12-Jan-2023 - 12-Jan-2023
AICE AI supported picture analysis in large bowel camera capsule endoscopy (Horizon-HLTH-2021-Disease-04)
Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) Barry, Sarah (Co-investigator) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator) Lennon, Marilyn (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2026
Virtual Clinical Trial Emulation with Generative AI Models
Dong, Feng (Principal Investigator) Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator)
31-Jan-2022 - 27-Jan-2023
Preparatory research to explore multicentre recruitment feasibility and adaptation of a physical activity mobile application for informal carers of people with dementia
Egan, Kieren (Principal Investigator) Kirk, Alison (Co-investigator) Dunlop, Mark (Co-investigator) Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator) Fawcett, Barbara (Co-investigator)
Funded by NIHR linked to WHO iCONNECT
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Early Cancer Diagnostic Centres
Maguire, Roma (Principal Investigator) Fragkandrea Nixon, Ioanna (Co-investigator) van der Meer, Robert (Co-investigator) Egan, Kieren (Research Co-investigator)
Tender Response through PCS
22-Jan-2021 - 21-Jan-2023
Strathclyde COVID-19 Research Portfolio: Novel testing, digital health support and third sector collaboration for impact on social care
Bedford, Tim (Principal Investigator) Corrigan, Damion (Co-investigator) Dunlop, Mark (Co-investigator) Egan, Kieren (Co-investigator) Fleming, Leanne (Co-investigator) Flowers, Paul (Co-investigator) Grealy, Madeleine (Co-investigator) Hoskisson, Paul (Co-investigator) Hunter, Iain (Co-investigator) Janssen, Xanne (Co-investigator) Kirk, Alison (Co-investigator) Knifton, Lee (Co-investigator) Lenhart, Otto (Co-investigator) Maguire, Roma (Co-investigator) Morton, Alec (Co-investigator) Quinn, Neil (Co-investigator) Scott, Fraser (Co-investigator) Suckling, Colin (Co-investigator) Ward, Andrew (Co-investigator) Williams, Lynn (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 16-Jan-2021

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Professor Roma Maguire
Computer and Information Sciences

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