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Personal statement

I joined joined the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship (HCE) in July 2020. My research centres around how entrepreneurs think, make decisions and act in pursuit of developing and growing their businesses, as well as how such growth-oriented individuals can be supported through policy interventions and training. My current research projects focus on conceptually differentiating between firm scaling and for growth, policy interventions to support the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems and how entrepreneurial thinking and action (entrepreneurial mindset) can be shaped through education and public policy. At the HCE I teach creativity and entrepreneurial thinking classes on our MSc and MBA programmes. This aligns closely to my research interests and expertise on supporting business developent, growth and scaling through value creation.

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Research Interests

My area of expertise is broadly entrepreneurship, specifically business development and growth in the context of young ventures and SMEs. Much of my work to date has focused on high growth/scale-up entrepreneurship, including the nature and processes of growth in these firms, their support requirements (financial and otherwise) and the wider public policy context and support mechanisms designed for high growth firms/scale-ups (high growth entrepreneurship policy). I am also interested in wider issues related to business development and growth including creativity; entrepreneurial thinking and mindset; the role of entrepreneurial financing; the effect of changes in ownership structure and business models; business accelerator programming, as well as entrepreneurship education for different audiences.

Professional Activities

International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 2023
3E European Entrepreneurship Education Conference
RENT XXXVI Re-thinking entrepreneurship after the crisis
Entrepreneurial thinking and mindset in higher education: A Competence Development Perspective
Rethinking entrepreneurship education: Entrepreneurial thinking and mindset
Invited speaker
Business and Society manuscript development workshop

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Entrepreneurial Mindset in UK HEI Curricula
Mawson, Suzanne (Principal Investigator) Casulli, Lucrezia (Co-investigator) Simmons, Emilee Lauran (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Scottish Tech Ecosystem Fund
Wurth, Bernd (Principal Investigator) Mawson, Suzanne (Co-investigator) Shaw, Eleanor (Co-investigator)
11-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Entrepreneurial resiliency, innovation, and change during the COVID-19 Crisis
Mawson, Suzanne (Principal Investigator)
15-Jan-2020 - 14-Jan-2021
Employee Ownership Database Development
McQuaid, Ronald (Principal Investigator) Mawson, Suzanne (Co-investigator) Yusof, Zatun Najahah (Researcher)
This project is funded by Scottish Enterprise to supports the Co-operative Development Scotland on updating the Scottish Enterprise Employee Ownership Database Development. The project provide a current census of the employee-owned businesses (EOBs) and co-operatives in Scotland.
27-Jan-2017 - 31-Jan-2019

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Dr Suzanne Mawson
Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship

Email: s.mawson@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 553 6199