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Open, reproducible hardware for microscopy
Bowman Richard, Müllenbroich Caroline, Diederich Benedict, McConnell Gail, Faez Sanli, Arancio Julieta
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences Vol 382 (2024)
A novel 3D imaging approach for quantification of GLUT4 levels across the intact myocardium
Geiser Angéline, Currie Susan, Al-Hasani Hadi, Chadt Alexandra, McConnell Gail, Gould Gwyn W
Journal of Cell Science (2024)
Printing, characterising, and applying transparent 3D printed lenses for optical imaging
Rooney Liam, Christopher Jay, Watson Benjamin, Susir Kumar Yash, Copeland Laura, Walker Lewis, Foylan Shannan, Amos William, Bauer Ralf, McConnell Gail
European Light Microscopy Initiative Congress 2024 (2024)
Sensing across scales : three approaches to study biofilm oxygen gradients to inform the design of better antimicrobial therapeutics
Rooney Liam, Bottura Beatrice, Dietrich Lars, McConnell Gail
European Light Microscopy Initiative Congress 2024 (2024)
Printing, characterizing, and assessing transparent 3D printed lenses for optical imaging
Rooney Liam M, Christopher Jay, Watson Ben, Susir Kumar Yash, Copeland Laura, Walker Lewis D, Foylan Shannan, Amos William B, Bauer Ralf, McConnell Gail
Advanced Materials Technologies (2024)
An easy to use tool for the analysis of subcellular mRNA transcript colocalisation in smFISH data
Bentley-Abbot Calum, Heslop Rhiannon, Pirillo Chiara, Chandrasegaran Praveena, McConnell Gail, Roberts Ed, Hutchinson Edward, MacLeod Annette
Scientific Reports Vol 14 (2024)

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Research Interests

The optical microscope is so important to biomedicine that it is used as an icon to symbolise all science, but in the age of lasers, computers, digital detectors and new photochemistry the basic design of this classic tool of research can be greatly improved. My research involves the development of new optical instruments and technologies for cell and tissue imaging: this includes linear and nonlinear optics, new light sources, and new ways of preparing the specimen for imaging that reveals more structural information than the light microscope can normally provide.

An example of my interests is the Mesolens, where we have redesigned the microscope so that internal details of every cell of the millions present in a biological specimen of more than 100 cubic millimeters in volume can be seen. Our microscope does not use an eyepiece for recording, since the image exceeds the power of the human eye to perceive detail: our image datasets from a volume specimen are typically hundreds of gigabytes in size. We specified the novel optics for screening transgenic mouse embryos to discover human genes that might produce congenital abnormalities, such as vascular disease, which affects approximately one in two hundred human births. However, we are now finding applications throughout bioscience, e.g. in neuroscience and developmental studies. At the Strathclyde Mesolab, a newly created MRC-supported facility, we are working with life, physical and computer scientists worldwide to explore applications of our current technology and to develop new mesoscopic imaging modes that will provide a new insight into development and disease.

Professional Activities

Strathclyde Optical Microscopy Course
MBL Lightsheet Conference and Workshop
Optica Webinar
Searching for biomarkers of tonsillar disease

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Fluorescent Drugs for Difficult Bugs: Quantitative Imagin of Fluorescent Antibiotics to Track Antibiotic Uptake and Resistance in Biofilms
Rooney, Liam (Principal Investigator) McConnell, Gail (Co-investigator)
10-Jan-2024 - 02-Jan-2024
3D-printed transmissive adaptive optics for microscopy (BBSRC 23TRT)
Bauer, Ralf (Principal Investigator) Cunningham, Margaret Rose (Co-investigator) McConnell, Gail (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2024 - 30-Jan-2025
Industrial Case Account - University of Strathclyde 2023 | Walker, Lewis
McConnell, Gail (Principal Investigator) Patton, Brian (Co-investigator) Walker, Lewis (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 01-Jan-2026
DTP 2224 University of Strathclyde | Copeland, Laura
McConnell, Gail (Principal Investigator) Patton, Brian (Co-investigator) Copeland, Laura (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 01-Jan-2027
Label-free intraoperative histological imaging (icase)
McConnell, Gail (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 30-Jan-2027
BIO-ART: Multiscale understanding of BIOfilms and microBIOmes in Acute Recurrent Tonsillitis (Fellowship for Catriona Douglas, NHS)
McConnell, Gail (Principal Investigator) Hoskisson, Paul (Co-investigator) Shu, Will (Co-investigator)
09-Jan-2023 - 08-Jan-2026

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Professor Gail McConnell
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