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Dr Christopher McCorkindale



Personal statement

I joined the Law School in June 2012, having previously held a lectureship at Glasgow Caledonian University since January 2009. I am a Lecturer in Law, teaching predominantly in Public Law subjects: Public Law and Public Law 2, as well as Constitutional Law at honours level. I also teach on our Legal Methods and Property, Trusts and Succession classes.

My teaching reflects my research interests in Public Law, Administrative Law and Constitutional Law, as well as its historical and theoretical underpinnings. I have a particular interest in the legal aspects of Hannah Arendt's political thought, and this informed both my PhD study at the University of Glasgow, and a co-edited collection, Hannah Arendt and the Law, which was published by Hart Publishing in 2012. I would be keen to hear from prospective PhD students in any of these areas of research.

I am also the Undergraduate Admissions Tutor for the Law School, with a commitment in the role to widening access to the University, to the Law School and to the legal profession. Finally, in my role as Staff Moot Co-ordinator I liaise with the student-led moot society as they compete (and very succesfully so) internally and across the UK.


Statutory interpretation and legislative competence : section 101 of the Scotland Act 1998
McCorkindale Christopher
Legislating for Statutory InterpretationLegislating for Statutory Interpretation, (2018)
Political constitutionalism
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Brexit and human rights
McCorkindale Christopher
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Vetting bills in the Scottish Parliament for legislative competence
McCorkindale Christopher, Hiebert Janet
Edinburgh Law Review Vol 21, pp. 319-351, (2017)
Named persons in the supreme court : the Christian Institute and Ors v Lord Advocate
McCorkindale Christopher, McCarthy Frankie
Edinburgh Law Review Vol 21, pp. 240-247, (2017)

more publications


I teach across a range of Public Law subjects. I am the class co-ordinator for Public Law 2, a second year core class which focusses on administrative law and human rights in Scotland and in the United Kingdom more broadly. In addition I teach on both Public Law 1, which looks at the fundamental concepts, principles, functions, institutions, and actors within the United Kingdom's multi-faceted constitution, and on the Constitutional Law honours class which allows honours student the opportunity to explore contemporary constitutional issues in more depth, including the opportunity to travel to Westminster and shadow the work of a parliamentary committee.

Beyond Public Law subjects I teach on the Legal Methods/Law 1a class (where I am the class co-ordinator for the BA students taking Law 1a) and on Succession within the Property, Trusts and Succession class.

Research interests

My research focusses broadly on the constitutional law, theory and history of Scotland and the United Kingdom. I have published on the United Kingdom's (so-called) 'political' constitution, as well as on the relationship between parliamentary sovereignty and the rule of law. In addition, I have an interest in legal theory more broadly, and its impact on constitutional debates, and have pubished on the work of Benjamin Constant, Philip Pettit and Hannah Arendt. I am particularly interested in the legal and constitutional aspects of the latter's political thought, having completed a PhD on the topic, and published a co-edited collection, Hannah Arendt and the Law (Hart Pub.), in 2012.

I would be delighted to hear from prospective PhD students with interests (broadly put) in any of these research areas.

Professional activities

Juridical Review (Journal)
Guest editor
Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference
King's Law Journal (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Constitutional Conventions Symposium
Global Constitutionalism (Journal)
Peer reviewer

more professional activities