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Lectureship In Organisational Studies

Work, Employment and Organisation

Personal statement

Darren joined Work, Employment and Organisation in May 2020. Awarded his PhD in 2014 from Strathclyde Business School, he was previously a lecturer in Management, Work and Organisation at Stirling Management School. In this role, Darren was the chair of research ethics, an international partnership director and programme director for an MSc. He is interested in exploring work and employment with a focus on civil society, the frontline service sector, worker narratives, and how management and organisation can help us understand societal challenges such as labour exploitation. Darren's research expertise is rooted in linkages beween work, labour and management. 


Has expertise in:


    • Management and organisation with a focus on forced labour and labour exploitation
    • Work and employment, skills, the frontline service sector
    • Central Asia, agricultural commodities, and Uzbekistan's cotton sector
    • Capability approaches in the context of labour exploitation, human development and refugee integration 
    • Action research, participatory and creative research methods

    Alongside Dr Knut Laaser, Darren developed a new analytical framework and alternative to theory focusing on lead firm–supplier relations or global value chains when investigating violations of working conditions. They are currently working on a new approach to organisational legitimacy embedded in moral economy approaches. Darren is also working with Dr Suzanne Mawson and Dr Laila Kasem on developing a capability approach to social and economic integration. 


A neglected pool of labour? Frontline service work and hotel recruitment in Glasgow
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European Management Review Vol 16, pp. 567-578 (2019)
'You have to pick' : Cotton and state-organized forced labour in Uzbekistan
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I'll do it step by step : care, cover and quiet campaigning
McGuire Darren, Lozada Maria
Work, Employment and Society Vol 31, pp. 175-184 (2017)
Quality work and the moral economy of European employment policy
Bolton Sharon, Laaser Knut, McGuire Darren
Journal of Common Market Studies Vol 54, pp. 583-599 (2016)
Book review: Economic Crisis, Quality of Work, and Social Integration: The European Experience
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Exploring the management of third sector service diversification
MacKay David, McGuire Darren, Laaser Knut
EURAM Annual Conference (2012)

More publications


Darren is interested in challenging existing orthodoxies in business and management education.  Previously he taught Work, Employment and Society and Responsible Business. He is currently contributing to a range of modules, and is coordinating Organisational analysis and strategy and Introduction to management. 



Work, Employment and Organisation
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