Dr Andrew McLaren

Principal Teaching Fellow

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. McLaren has over 25 years’ experience of delivering engineering education. His main area of technical expertise is in materials science, which he teaches to a wide range of students across the Faculty of Engineering. He has pioneered the Faculty’s online delivery of education through his leadership of the Graduate Apprenticeship in "Engineering: Design and Manufacture", which is delivered to apprentices in full-time employment in engineering companies.

Dr. McLaren has wide experience of external examining in a number of UK universities. He is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Academic Standards Committee, chairing and taking part in accreditation visits to universities throughout the UK. He has also served on the working group at the Engineering Council on the implementation of AAQA (Approval and Accreditation of Qualifications and Apprenticeships).

Dr. McLaren is a member of the Glasgow Military Education Committee and supports students interested in a career in the UK Armed Forces. He is the University Armed Forces Champion, supporting serving members of the armed forces, veterans and their families to access study and employment at the University.


Design automation for customised and large-scale additive manufacturing : a case study on custom kayaks
Lithgow Drew, Morrison Cara, Pexton George, Panarotto Massimo, Jakob Müller, Almefelt Lars, McLaren Andrew
Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design Vol 1, pp. 699-708 (2019)
Promoting undergraduate student engagement through self-generated exam activity
Muñoz-Escalona Patricia, Savage Kathleen, Conway Fiona, McLaren Andrew
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education (2018)
Online forums : a tool to enhance experimental engineering laboratories
Muñoz-Escalona Patricia, McLaren Andrew
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education (2017)
The Engineering Academy : increasing access to engineering
Flockhart Gordon M H, Keating Barbara A, McLaren Andrew
3rd International Enhancement in Higher Education Conference (2017)
Supporting the STEM transition between school and university
Sayer Philip, Thomson Avril, McLaren Andrew, Little Derek
DS 78  16th International Conference on Engineering Design and Product Education, pp. 408-513 (2014)
Supporting the STEM transition between school and university
Sayer Philip, Thomson Avril, McLaren Andrew
Engineering Design & Production Education, EPDE (2014)

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Successful Student Transitions - Enhancing Learning from Student Placements
Thomson, Avril (Principal Investigator) McLaren, Andrew (Co-investigator) Sayer, Philip (Principal Investigator)
QAA student Enhancement Theme Funding match funded by the Faculty of Engineering (£4000.00 in total) funded an investigation in to how the learning experience of students returning from placement and internship can be enhanced.
01-Jan-2016 - 30-Jan-2017
Development of Work Based Learning Products and Pathways
McLaren, Andrew (Principal Investigator) Roseweir, Alan (Co-investigator)
14-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2017
Work Based Learning Advanced Apprenticeship Engineering Pathfinder
McLaren, Andrew (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2015 - 31-Jan-2015
Students as Partners in Learning Enhancement
Bonnar, Lizann (Academic) Willison, Debra (Academic) McLaren, Andrew (Academic) Thomson, Avril (Academic) Gould, Helyn (Academic) Thomson, Linda (Academic)
HEA funded workshop (£750) on working in partnership with students on a range of learning enhancement projects.
05-Jan-2014 - 05-Jan-2014
Roll-out of Student Led Peer and Community Personal Development Planning (PC PDP)
Willison, Debra (Principal Investigator) Gould, Helyn (Principal Investigator) Green, Brian (Principal Investigator) McLaren, Andrew (Principal Investigator) Sayer, Philip (Principal Investigator) Thomson, Avril (Principal Investigator)
Education Excellence funding (£19759.28) supported the engagement of student interns from across all four faculties to support the roll out of PDP.
06-Jan-2013 - 13-Jan-2013
Online development and Roll-out of PC PDP in Engineering and Science
Thomson, Avril (Principal Investigator) McLaren, Andrew (Co-investigator) Sayer, Philip (Co-investigator) Willison, Debra (Co-investigator)
Development of online tools to support Personal Development Planning for students. Funded by Educational Excellence Fund £32,000
30-Jan-2012 - 17-Jan-2012

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