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Dr Irene McMaster

Research Fellow

European Policies Research Centre

Personal statement

She has undertaken several major evaluation and research studies of EU territorial and spatial development policies, including the ex ante evaluations of the 2014-2020 Northern Periphery and Arctic and North Sea Region Programmes,  ex ante and ongoing evaluations of the 2007-2013 Northern Periphery Programme and a study on implementation arrangements for the 2007-13 Ireland, Northern Ireland and Western Scotland Cross Border Territorial Cooperation Programme. She has also been involved in the ex post evaluation of the impact of Structural Funds on management and implementation on behalf of DG Regio; and ESPON studies of the spatial and urban dimensions of the 2000-2006 Objective 1 and 2 programmes and ‘European Territorial Cooperation as a Factor of Growth, Jobs and Quality of Life’. She participated in the 2010 OECD territorial review of the NORA region (2011) and has been appointed as a specialist advisor to a House of Lords Regional Marine Co-operation Inquiry (2014). She is also involved in research on the Central and East European EU Member States, writing on the regional economic development policy in Central and Eastern Europe and the management and implementation of Cohesion policy.


Integrated Territorial and Urban Strategies - How are ESIF Adding Value in 2014-2020? : Final Report
van der Zwet Arno, Bachtler John, Ferry Martin, McMaster Irene, Miller Stephen
The Performance Framework in Cohesion Policy : Expectations and Reality
McMaster Irene, Kah Stefan
IQ-Net Thematic Paper Vol 41, No. 2, (2017)
EU Cooperation and Innovation - Delivering Value from our European Partnerships : Report on the conference organised by Scotland Europa and Scottish Enterprise in partnership with the Royal Society of Edinburgh 29 September 2017
McMaster Irene, Bachtler John, Stewart Linda
The involvement of non-EU member states in European territorial cooperation programmes
McMaster Irene, Vironen Heidi
European Structural and Investment Funds Journal Vol 5, pp. 235-244, (2017)
New European territorial challenges and regional policy: Annual Review of Regional Policy in Europe : EoRPA Paper 16/1 prepared for the 37th meeting of the EoRPA Regional Policy Research Consortium at Ross Priory, Loch Lomondside, 2-4 October 2016.
Davies Sara, McMaster Irene, Vironen Heidi, Ferry Martin, Vernon Philip
37th Annual EoRPA Conference, (2016)
Research for REGI Committee - Maximisation of Synergies between European Structural and Investment Funds and other EU Instruments to Attain Europe 2020 Goals
Ferry Martin, Kah Stefan, Bachtler John, McMaster Irene, Dozhdeva Viktoriya, Lehuraux Timothée, Surubaru Cristian, Vernon Philip

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Professional activities

European Structural and Investment Funds Journal (Journal)
Guest editor

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McMaster, Irene (Principal Investigator) Bachtler, John (Co-investigator) Gal, Fabian (Co-investigator) Vironen, Heidi (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jun-2018 - 31-Aug-2019
McMaster, Irene (Principal Investigator) Bachtler, John (Co-investigator) Gal, Fabian (Co-investigator) Vironen, Heidi (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2018 - 30-Jun-2019
McMaster, Irene (Principal Investigator) Gal, Fabian (Co-investigator) Vironen, Heidi (Co-investigator)
Period 18-Jan-2018 - 30-Sep-2019
Study on the Involvement of non-EU Member States on European Territorial Cooperation Programmes
McMaster, Irene (Principal Investigator) Bachtler, John (Co-investigator) Kah, Stefan (Co-investigator)
Period 17-Oct-2016 - 31-Dec-2016
Ongoing Evaluation for Interreg Oresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak 2014-2020
Vironen, Heidi (Principal Investigator) McMaster, Irene (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Dec-2016 - 31-Oct-2018
Territorial Strategies supported by EU Territorial Tools
Bachtler, John (Principal Investigator) Ferry, Martin (Co-investigator) Kah, Stefan (Co-investigator) McMaster, Irene (Co-investigator)
Period 08-Dec-2015 - 31-May-2017

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European Policies Research Centre
Graham Hills Building

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