Dr Brian McMillan

Teaching Fellow

Pure and Applied Chemistry


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The Chemistry Clinic : collaborative teamwork to achieve innovative solutions
Willison Debra, Ingram Sharon E, Liggat John J, McMillan Brian George
Perspectives on Enhancing Student Transition Into Higher Education and Beyond (2023) (2023)
Sharpening graduate skills
Liggat John, Ingram Sharon, McMillan (he/him) Brian
Variety in Chemistry Education / Physics Higher Education Conference (2022)
Enhanced performance in fusion plasmas through turbulence suppression by megaelectronvolt ions
Mazzi S, Akhtar M, Ali M, Antoniou I, Bentley J, Berry M, Booth J, Brown B, Clements C, Collins C, Collins J, Collins S, Conroy S, Conway B, Cooper S, Croft D, Cullen A, Davies A, Davies S, Davis G, Deakin K, Forbes S, Gao Y, Gibson C, Gibson K J, Gomes R, Gow E, Graham B, Hall S, Henderson S S, Hill J, Horáček J, Horton L D, Johnson R, Johnston J, Jones C, Jones G, Jones L, Jones T, Kelly R, Kennedy D, Khan K, Kim C, Kim H T, Kim S H, King R, Knight M, Knight P, Lee C, Lee S E, Li L, Li Y, Liu F, Marshall R, Martin A, Martin A, McDonald D C, McMillan B, McNamee L, Morris J, Morrison K M, O'Mullane Martin, Patel A, Price C, Reynolds S, Robson D, Rowe S, Rowlands D, Schmid K, Scott G, Scott M, Shaw A, Silva A, Simpson J, Smith N, Smith P, Stables G, Stead M, Sun H J, Taylor D, Thomas J, Tookey A, Walker R, Wang E, Whittaker D, Williams J C, Wilson I, Wilson J, Wilson T, Wood R, Yang Y, Young R, Zhang W, Zhou Y,
Nature Physics Vol 18, pp. 776-782 (2022)
The Chemistry Clinic - successful innovation through university and commercial collaboration
Liggat John, Ingram Sharon, McMillan Brian
R&D Management Conference 2021 (2021)
Novel complexing additives to reduce the immiscible phase formed in the hybrid ZnBr2 flow battery
Bryans Declan, McMillan Brian, Spicer Mark, Wark Alastair, Berlouis Leonard
Journal of the Electrochemical Society Vol 164 (2017)
Achieving very low levels of detection : an improved surface-enhanced raman scattering experiment for the physical chemistry teaching laboratory
McMillan Brian G
Journal of Chemical Education (2016)

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Professional Activities

QAA Scotland’s 5th International Conference, ‘Shaping the Student Experience Together: 20 Years of Enhancement’

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KTP - Mersen
Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator) McMillan, Brian (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2020
Deployment of a 25 kW/50kWh zinc-bromine RFB into a local Scottish community with renewable energy
Berlouis, Leonard (Principal Investigator) McMillan, Brian (Co-investigator)
30-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2018

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Dr Brian McMillan
Teaching Fellow
Pure and Applied Chemistry

Email: brian.mcmillan@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 4212 / 2332