Dr Edmondo Minisci

Senior Lecturer

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Personal statement

I'm the director of the Intelligent Computational Engineering Laboratory (ICE-Lab) and I have 20+ years of experience in the field of model based analysis and design optimisation of complex mechanical/aerospace systems/devices.

I'm also founder member and former general manager of OPTIMAD Engineering S.r.l. – Italian SME, Spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino, active in the field of aerodynamic analysis, design, and optimization.



Has expertise in:

    • Multi-Objective Optimisation
    • Nature Inspired Optimisation Algorithms
    • Uncertainty Treatment
    • Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation Under Uncertainties
    • MDOuU of Aerospace Transportation Systems and Renewable Energy Systems
    • Trajectory and Shape Optimisation
    • (Re-)Entry of Space Objects and Design for Demise
    • Meta-modelling Techniques
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Multi-Fidelity Optimisation Approaches
    • Engineering Design

Prizes and awards

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

More prizes and awards


Classifying intelligence in machines : a taxonomy of intelligent control
Wilson Callum, Marchetti Francesco, Di Carlo Marilena, Riccardi Annalisa, Minisci Edmondo
Robotics Vol 9 (2020)
A novel update mechanism for Q-Networks based on extreme learning machines
Wilson Callum, Riccardi Annalisa, Minisci Edmondo
IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2020 (2020)
Towards intelligent control via genetic programming
Marchetti Francesco, Minisci Edmondo, Riccardi Annalisa
IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2020 (2020)
Modelling and simulation of transpiration cooling systems for atmospheric re-entry
Bandivadekar Deep, Minisci Edmondo
Aerospace Vol 7 (2020)
AI and space security : collision risk sssessment
Sanchez Fernandez-Mellado Luis, Vasile Massimiliano, Minisci Edmondo
Handbook of Space Security (2020) (2020)
Rapid estimate of wind turbine energy loss due to blade leading edge delamination using artificial neural networks
Campobasso Michele Sergio, Cavazzini Anna, Minisci Edmondo
Journal of Turbomachinery (2020)

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"Engineering Analysis" Teaching Subject Group Coordinator



"Introduction to Engineering Optimisation" (UG/PG Level)

"Mathematical Modelling And Analysis – Part2 (Engineering Analysis)" (UG Level)



"System Engineering, Mechanical systems part" (UG Level)

“Engineering Analysis 3 – Part2 (Introduction to CFD)” (UG Level)

“Flight mechanics 3” (UG Level)

"Helicopter Flight Mechanics", tutorials (UG/PG Level)

Research interests

Currently involved in projects regarding:

  • global optimisation of trans-atmospheric and interplanetary trajectories;
  • multidisciplinary design optimisation under uncertainties of space transportation systems and wind turbines;
  • (re-)entry modelling and simulation of space objects (debris and asteroids) and design for demise; and
  • machine learning techniques for data analytics and meta-modelling.

Professional activities

International Conference on Bioinspired Optimisation Methods and Their Applications
5th European Optimisation in Space Engineering Workshop
International workshop on satellite constellations and formation flying
Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms (NUMTA2019)
8th International Systems & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications Conference
Space Junk: The Odds of Being Hit

More professional activities


Using Chatbot Technology To Assure Quality Knowledge Capture From Space
Vasile, Massimiliano (Principal Investigator) Azzopardi, Leif (Co-investigator) Minisci, Edmondo (Co-investigator) Moshfeghi, Yashar (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2023
Multi-disciplinary modelling of the aerothemodynamically-induced fragmentation of re-entering bodies (MIDGARD)
Fossati, Marco (Principal Investigator) Minisci, Edmondo (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2023
Centre for Doctoral Training in Socially Progressive Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Sahasranamam, Sreevas (Academic) Riccardi, Annalisa (Academic) Rodrigues Loncan, Tiago (Academic) Nicolopoulou, Katerina (Academic) Minisci, Edmondo (Academic) Kalin, Robert (Academic)
This is a interdisciplinary centre for doctoral training led by Chancellor's Fellows. The projects will focus on studying research questions in social entrepreneurship and social innovation aimed at addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through market-based mechanisms and theory linked interventions.
Assessment of Intelligent Control Techniques
Riccardi, Annalisa (Principal Investigator) Minisci, Edmondo (Co-investigator)
21-Jan-2019 - 21-Jan-2019
Stardust-R (Stardust Reloaded) H2020 MCSA ITN 2018
Vasile, Massimiliano (Principal Investigator) Fossati, Marco (Co-investigator) Grey, Stuart (Co-investigator) Minisci, Edmondo (Co-investigator) Riccardi, Annalisa (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2022
Probabilistic Assessment of Destructive Re-entry (PADRE)
Minisci, Edmondo (Principal Investigator) Riccardi, Annalisa (Co-investigator) Vasile, Massimiliano (Co-investigator)
15-Jan-2018 - 21-Jan-2019

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
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