Mr Syed Awais Munawar

Visualisation Theme Lead

Digital Factory


AFRC_CATP_1684_High Accuracy FutureForge Training System
Liang, Sha (Principal Investigator) Khatuntseva, Anastasia (Researcher) HUANG, Jianfeng (Researcher) Munawar, Syed Awais (Researcher)
This proposal will aim to address the challenge of training operators of dangerous equipment following the previous simulator. This proposal looks to streamline the learning process by allowing operators to train on the equipment using the same controls that they will be using to operate it when they are performing forging operations. Specifically, within the forging sector, this proposal will also address the challenge of transferring tacit knowledge that is built up through years of experience in using the equipment. This will be done by allowing new operators to log hundreds of hours of training time, which can be led by a standard pre-programmed curriculum or by an expert supervisor.
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2021

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