Dr Fiona Murphy


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Personal statement

My research focuses on identifying the hazards to human health posed by inhalation exposure to aerosolised particles and nanomaterials. Recent focus is on the development of physiologically-relevant in vitro models to reduce the reliance on rodent models for hazard assessment of novel materials and to improve our understanding of the underlying mechanism of particle-related lung disease.

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Vascular smooth muscle cells enhance immune/vascular interplay in a 3-cell model of vascular inflammation
Wiejak Jolanta, Murphy Fiona A, Maffia Pasquale, Yarwood Stephen J
Scientific Reports Vol 13 (2023)
How to formulate hypotheses and IATAs to support grouping and read-across of nanoforms
Murphy Fiona A, Johnston Helinor J, Dekkers Susan, Bleeker Eric AJ, Oomen Agnes G, Fernandes Teresa F, Rasmussen Kirsten, Jantunen Paula, Rauscher Hubert, Hunt Neil, di Cristo Luisana, Braakhuis Hedwig M, Haase Andrea, Hristozov Danail, Wohlleben Wendel, Sabella Stefania, Stone Vicki
Altex Vol 40, pp. 125-140 (2023)
Grouping MWCNTs based on their similar potential to cause pulmonary hazard after inhalation : a case-study
Murphy Fiona, Jacobsen Nicklas Raun, Di Ianni Emilio, Johnston Helinor, Braakhuis Hedwig, Peijnenburg Willie, Oomen Agnes, Fernandes Teresa, Stone Vicki
Particle and Fibre Toxicology Vol 19 (2022)
Grouping of orally ingested silica nanomaterials via use of an integrated approach to testing and assessment to streamline risk assessment
Di Cristo Luisana, Ude Victor C, Tsiliki Georgia, Tatulli Giuseppina, Romaldini Alessio, Murphy Fiona, Wohlleben Wendel, Oomen Agnes G, Pompa Pier P, Arts Josje, Stone Vicki, Sabella Stefania
Particle and Fibre Toxicology Vol 19, pp. 68 (2022)
Development of a standard operating procedure for the DCFH2-DA acellular assessment of reactive oxygen species produced by nanomaterials
Boyles Matthew, Murphy Fiona, Mueller William, Wohlleben Wendel, Jacobsen Nicklas Raun, Braakhuis Hedwig, Giusti Anna, Stone Vicki
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods Vol 32, pp. 439-452 (2022)
Developing integrated approaches for testing and assessment (IATAs) in order to support nanomaterial safety
Powell L G, Gillies S, Fernandes T F, Murphy F, Giubilato E, Cazzagon V, Hristozov D, Pizzol L, Blosi M, Costa A L, Prina-Mello A, Bouwmeester H, Sarimveis H, Janer G, Stone V
Nanotoxicology Vol 16, pp. 484-499 (2022)

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Dr Fiona Murphy
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Email: f.murphy@strath.ac.uk
Tel: Unlisted