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Personal statement

My journey at Strathclyde began in 2017, when I enrolled myself in the Department of Marketing to pursue an MSc degree. This journey continued with the commencement of a PhD in 2018, under the supervision of Prof. Emeritus Alan Wilson and Dr. Amin Nazifi, both of whom have significantly contributed to my professional development since then. Thereafter, in 2022, I joined the Department as a Lecturer, where I not only teach and explore the knowledge of how and why Marketing practises impact business performance and human development, but also enjoy interacting with a vibrant and cheerful faculty and a diverse and enthusiastic student body.

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Area of Expertise

  • Transformative Service Research
  • Consumer Well-being
  • Sharing Economy
  • Platform-based Services
  • Service Experience
  • Digital Service Interactions


Doctor of Philosophy
University of Strathclyde
Oct 2018 - Oct 2022

Master of Science in Innovation & Marketing Management 
University of Strathclyde
Sept 2017 - Sept 2018

Bachelors in Business Adminsitration
University of Lahore
Oct 2013 - Aug 2017

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Transformative impact of platform-mediated trust in the base of the pyramid segment
Nayer Daud, Wilson Alan, Nazifi Amin
Frontiers in Service 2023 - From Romans to Robots (2023)
Service interactions in platform-based sharing services and social transformation of the base of the pyramid segment
Nayer Daud, Wilson Alan, Nazifi Amin
2nd International Workshop on Current
Trends in Customer Experience in the
Retail and Services Industries
Tourism recovery strategies during major crises : the role of proactivity
Raki Amir, Nayer Daud, Nazifi Amin, Alexander Matthew, Seyfi Siamak
Annals of Tourism Research Vol 90 (2021)
Transformative sharing services at the base of the pyramid segment
Nayer Daud, Nazifi Amin, Wilson Alan
2021 Frontiers in Service Conference (2021)

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As a Lecturer, my aim is to advance the intellectual development of my students in the area of services marketing, digital marketing, cross-cultural marketing, and consumer behaviour.  At Strathclyde, I have taught mainly at a postgraduate level (MSc), where I am currently the class co-ordinator for MSc Strategic Digital Marketing module (MK837), MSc Customer led E-marketing module (MK989), and the Digital Transformative Project (MK813).

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Research Interests

On a broader scale, I intend to offer analytically rigorous and policy-relevant research work that makes marketing management more relevant to the lived experiences of individuals belonging to vulnerable consumer segments, which eventually allows them to adopt and consume services and products that foster human development and economic prosperity.

In particular, my research work falls under the integration of Transformative Services Research (TSR) and Base of the pyramid (BoP) research stream. The TSR perspective guides my theoretical contributions in terms of how services impact the individuals as well as communities at large, and the BoP viewpoint, on the other hand, is an impact-driven movement that aims to benefit the vulnerable consumer segments through service research.

With the theoretical integration of TSR and the BoP research streams, my research works offers a novel cross-fertilization by investigating transformative services in the BoP contexts, where the results highlight the hidden opportunity of service sector in the impoverished communities and identify service based consumption as their strength, which eventually contribute to the understanding of reducing poverty at the BoP, and the ways of improving well-being through services.

Professional Activities

Panellist at the Scottish PGR Day
Teaching and Learning Online (TALON): Part 1
Teaching, Learning and Assessment Within the Disciplines
Supporting your Strathclyde PGR student
Leadership for PhD Supervisors
OSDU: Course (Re) Design

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Investigating the Role of Proactivity in Managing Service Failures
Nazifi, Amin (Academic) Gelbrich, Katja (Academic) Grégoire, Yany (Academic) El-Manstrly, Dahlia (Academic) Wirtz, Jochen (Academic) Koch, Sebastian (Academic) Raki, Amir (Academic) Nayer, Daud (Academic) Alexander, Matthew (Academic) Seyfi, Siamak (Academic)
Prior research on service failure and recovery predominantly focus on reactive strategies to reduce customers’ negative reactions (e.g. offering compensation, apology or an explanation why the failure has occurred) and there is a lack of research on more proactive strategies in dealing with service failures. In broad terms, proactivity is defined as anticipating and preventing problems before they materialize (Bateman and Crant 1999). In a service failure context, proactivity is defined as firms anticipating potential service failures and acting prior to customer reactions to control or minimize the impact of these failures. Combining the concept of proactivity with service recovery and the transformative service research framework, the research aims to examine its effects on firms (e.g. profitability, employee attrition, and negative word of mouth) as well as on customers (e.g. customer satisfaction and well-being).
01-Jan-2017 - 01-Jan-2022

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Dr Daud Nayer

Email: daud.nayer@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 4317