Dr Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg

Research Associate

Computer and Information Sciences


Comprehensive parametric polymorphism : categorical models and type theory
Ghani Neil, Nordvall Forsberg Fredrik, Simpson Alex
Foundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresLecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 3-19, (2016)
Bifibrational functorial semantics of parametric polymorphism
Ghani Neil, Johann Patricia, Forsberg Fredrik Nordvall, Orsanigo Federico, Revell Tim
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Vol 319, pp. 165-181, (2015)
Parametric polymorphism - universally
Ghani Neil, Nordvall Forsberg Fredrik, Orsanigo Federico
Logic, Language, Information, and ComputationLecture Notes in Computer Science Vol 9160, pp. 81-92, (2015)
Positive inductive-recursive definitions
Ghani Neil, Nordvall Forsberg Fredrik, Malatesta Lorenzo
Logical Methods in Computer Science Vol 11, (2015)
Extracting verified decision procedures : DPLL and resolution
Berger Ulrich, Lawrence Andrew, Nordvall Forsberg Fredrik, Seisenberger Monika
Logical Methods in Computer Science Vol 11, (2015)
Models for polymorphism over physical dimensions
Atkey Robert, Ghani Neil, Nordvall Forsberg Fredrik, Revell Timothy, Staton Sam
13th International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications (TLCA'15)Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs), pp. 999-1013, (2015)

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Computer and Information Sciences
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