Dr Jonathan Norris



Personal statement

I am an applied microeconomist with work in education, skill development, and labor topics. Broadly, I am interested in the development of skills among children and adolescents. I am especially interested in noncognitive skills such as perseverance and grit and the role of family inputs and network spill-overs in their production. Within applied economics, my work has drawn from both the treatment effects and peer effects literature, and from theoretical economics, my work has drawn from identity economics and the economics of networks.

I am also interested in the evolution of skills among children of immigrants. More generally, I am interested in exploring differences in skill development among sub-populations to understand how policy might change development trajectories and, in turn, future economic outcomes.



Peers, parents, and attitudes about school
Norris Jonathan
Journal of Human Capital Vol 14, pp. 290-342 (2020)
The Long-run Effects of Peers on Mental Health
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Norris Jonathan
Journal of Economic Surveys Vol 33, pp. 1389-1408 (2019)
Identity Economics : Social Influence and Skill Development
Norris Jonathan
Troubled in School : Does Maternal Involvement Matter for Adolescents?
Norris Jonathan, van Hasselt Martijn

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