Dr Stephanie Eugenia Ordonez Sanchez

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


A comparison of tidal turbine characteristics obtained from field and laboratory testing
Schmitt Pál, Fu Song, Benson Ian, Lavery Gavin, Ordoñez-Sanchez Stephanie, Frost Carwyn, Johnstone Cameron, Kregting Louise
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 10 (2022)
Tidal stream and ocean current energy - the benefits of harvesting lesser energetic flows
Ordonez Sanchez S, Calvillo-Munoz C, Mariño-Tapia I, Martinez R, Fu S, Allmark M, Mason-Jones T, O'Doherty T, Silva Casarín R, Johnstone C
Proceedings of the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (2021)
A phenomenological study of lab-scale tidal turbine loading under combined irregular wave and shear flow conditions
Allmark Matthew, Martinez Rodrigo, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Lloyd Catherine, O’Doherty Tim, Germain Grégory, Gaurier Benoît, Johnstone Cameron
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 9 (2021)
Using blade element momentum theory to predict the effect of wave-current interactions on the performance of tidal stream turbines
Fu Song, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Martinez Rodrigo, Allmark Matthew, Johnstone Cameron, O’doherty Tim
International Marine Energy Journal Vol 4, pp. 25-36 (2021)
Tidal energy round robin tests : a comparison of flow measurements and turbine loading
Martinez Rodrigo, Gaurier Benoît, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Facq Jean-Valéry, Germain Gregory, Johnstone Cameron, Santic Ivan, Salvatore Francesco, Davey Thomas, Old Chris, Sellar Brian G
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering Vol 9 (2021)
Validation of the dynamic load characteristics on a Tidal Stream Turbine when subjected to wave and current interaction
Lloyd Catherine, Allmark Matthew, Ordonez-Sanchez Stephanie, Martinez Rodrigo, Johnstone Cameron, Germain Gregory, Gaurier Benoit, Mason-Jones Allan, O'Doherty Tim
Ocean Engineering Vol 222 (2021)

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StrathWide 2019

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Renewable Energy Microgrid Integration for Remote, Off-grid Cabins in Nunavut (UK -Canada)
Johnstone, Cameron (Principal Investigator) Kelly, Nicolas (Co-investigator) Ordonez Sanchez, Stephanie Eugenia (Co-investigator)
06-Jan-2022 - 05-Jan-2025
Damage tolerant hybrid composites for safer and higher performance composite offshore wind turbine blades (Supergen ECR)
Ordonez Sanchez, Stephanie Eugenia (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
The role of tidal stream technology for a sustainable development in the renewable energy sector
Ordonez Sanchez, Stephanie Eugenia (Principal Investigator)
11-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2021
Analysing the potential role of tidal energy in the transition to a decarbonised energy system in Scotland
Calvillo Munoz, Christian (Principal Investigator) Ordonez Sanchez, Stephanie Eugenia (Principal Investigator)
Tidal energy conversion (TEC) is a relatively new technology with little indication of its economic cost. This uncertainty in costs have made TEC to be underestimated in many energy strategies and roadmaps.
This project will thus aim to i) find the commonalities and differences between cost models and pathways applicable to TEC, using a common database and power prediction evaluation, and ii) assess the potential role of TEC in Scotland, using the TIMES energy system model
This new approach of combining both cost and pathway models, may give a more accurate predictions of the long-term cost of TEC, making it possible to better assess the contributions of TEC to the electricity mix in Scotland.

£2,450 were awarded from the StrathWide 2019 Funding call.
01-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2020
StrathWide 2019, 2020 and 2021 Fund
Calvillo Munoz, Christian (Principal Investigator) Ordonez Sanchez, Stephanie Eugenia (Principal Investigator) Aranceta-Garza, Alejandra (Principal Investigator)
Co-founder with Dr Ordonez-Sanchez and Dr Aranceta-Garza of the StrathWide Research Fund. This fund was set for University of Strathclyde’s early career researchers to undertake collaborative and independent work amongst them. Eight, nine and seven funded applications were granted for StrathWide 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively.

In total, approx. £60,000 have been secured over three years to fund 24 projects. the funding was awarded from the University of Strathclyde Internal funds and Faculties.
01-Jan-2019 - 03-Jan-2021
Tidal Array Control and Optimisation of Energy
Myers, Luke (Principal Investigator) Ordonez Sanchez, Stephanie Eugenia (Co-investigator) Allmark, Matthew (Co-investigator)
An experimental campaign at FloWave will seek to optimise the power capture and quantify device dynamic loading for an array of at least four horizontal axis tidal turbine prototypes.
16-Jan-2017 - 29-Jan-2019

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
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