Dr Andrew Parrott

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Pure and Applied Chemistry


Low-field high-resolution PFG-NMR to predict the size distribution of inner droplets in double emulsions
Khadem Behnam, Parrott Andrew, Nordon Alison, Sheibat-Othman Nida
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology Vol 123 (2020)
Reaction monitoring using SABRE-hyperpolarized benchtop (1 T) NMR spectroscopy
Semenova Olga, Richardson Peter Michael, Parrott Andrew J, Nordon Alison, Halse Meghan E, Duckett Simon B
Analytical Chemistry Vol 91, pp. 6695-6701 (2019)
Quantification of hyperpolarisation efficiency in SABRE and SABRE-Relay enhanced NMR spectroscopy
Richardson Peter M, John Richard O, Parrott Andrew J, Rayner Peter J, Iali Wissam, Nordon Alison, Halse Meghan E, Duckett Simon B
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Vol 20, pp. 26362-26371 (2018)
Quantitative in-situ monitoring of parahydrogen fraction using Raman spectroscopy
Parrott Andrew J, Dallin Paul, Andrews John, Richardson Peter M, Semenova Olga, Halse Meghan E, Duckett Simon B, Nordon Alison
Applied Spectroscopy (2018)
SABRE hyperpolarization enables high-sensitivity 1H and 13C benchtop NMR spectroscopy
Richardson Peter M, Parrott Andrew J, Semenova Olga, Nordon Alison, Duckett Simon B, Halse Meghan E
Analyst Vol 143, pp. 3442-3450 (2018)
A simple hand-held magnet array for efficient and reproducible SABRE hyperpolarisation using manual sample shaking
Richardson Peter M, Jackson Scott, Parrott Andrew, Nordon Alison, Duckett Simon B, Halse Meghan E
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry Vol 56, pp. 641-650 (2018)

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