Professor Edoardo Patelli

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Personal statement

Managing uncertainty for improving the sustainability, safety and reliability of critical systems and infrastructure.


Has expertise in:

    • Uncertainty quantification
    • Bayesian and Credal Networks
    • Resilience assessment of complex infrastructures
    • Nuclear safety
    • Probabilistic risk assessment
    • Human reliability 


Sampling methods for solving Bayesian model updating problems : A tutorial
Lye Adolphus, Cicirello Alice, Patelli Edoardo
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing Vol 159 (2021)
Dynamic and probabilistic multi-class prediction of tunnel squeezing intensity
Chen Yu, Li Tianbin, Zeng Peng, Ma Junjie, Patelli Edoardo, Edwards Ben
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Vol 53, pp. 3521-3542 (2020)
An efficient approach for computing analytical non-parametric fragility curves
Altieri Domenico, Patelli Edoardo
Structural Safety Vol 85 (2020)
Optimal regulation of the construction of reliable sea defenses
Nieto-Cerezo Oscar, Wenzelburger Jan, Patelli Edoardo, Beer Michael
ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering Vol 6 (2020)
A post-contingency power flow emulator for generalized probabilistic risks assessment of power grids
Rocchetta Roberto, Patelli Edoardo
Reliability Engineering and System Safety Vol 197 (2020)
Transient safety assessment and risk mitigation of a hydroelectric generation system
Li Huanhuan, Xu Beibei, Arzaghi Ehsan, Abbassi Rouzbeh, Chen Diyi, Aggidis George A, Zhang Jingjing, Patelli Edoardo
Energy Vol 196 (2020)

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I am currently teaching:

  • Probability and statistics
  • Structural reliability 
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Bayesian approaches 
  • FMEA, Fault Tree, Event Tree 

Research interests

My primary research interests focus on the general area of risk analysis, uncertainty modelling and quantification, sensitivity analysis, nuclear safety, reliability and availability of complex systems. In particular,  the focus is on the development of verified and efficient stochastic computational methods able to model different representation of the uncertainty and providing trustful reliability analysis and risk assessment.
The numerical implementations have resulted in the development of an open-source general-purpose software package for uncertainty quantification and stochastic analysis.

Professional activities

International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management
European Safety and Reliability Conference
International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability
ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering (Journal)
Peer reviewer
International Probabilistic Workshop
ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems Part A - Civil Engineering (Journal)
Peer reviewer

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The Development of a Hybrid Empirical-Expert Opinion Model of the Vulnerability of the Scottish Road Network to Flooding
Ferguson, Neil (Principal Investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator) Tubaldi, Enrico (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Urban and rural UAS-enabled health-care over Scotland CAELUS (ex URANOS)
Fossati, Marco (Principal Investigator) Akartunali, Kerem (Co-investigator) Burt, Graeme (Co-investigator) Cashmore, Michael (Co-investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator) Tapinos, Efstathios (Co-investigator) Vasile, Massimiliano (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2022
Doctoral Training Partnership 2020-2021 University of Strathclyde | Johnson, Karl
Patelli, Edoardo (Principal Investigator) Pytharouli, Stella (Co-investigator) Walls, Lesley (Co-investigator) White, Chris (Co-investigator) Johnson, Karl (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2024
Evaluating the benefit of structural health monitoring for improving bridge resilience against scour - National Centre for Resilience (NCR)
Tubaldi, Enrico (Principal Investigator) Ferguson, Neil (Co-investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2021
Development of a decision support system for the management of infrastructure
Tubaldi, Enrico (Principal Investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator) Quigley, John (Co-investigator)
06-Jan-2020 - 05-Jan-2022
A resilience modelling framework for improved nuclear safety (NuRes) (Edoardo Patelli)
Patelli, Edoardo (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 31-Jan-2021

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
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