Professor Edoardo Patelli

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Personal statement

I am a professor in Risk and Uncertainty Quantification and the Head of the Centre for Intelligent Infrastructure at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am working in a multidisciplinary environment in collaboration with members from all the university faculties and strong links with world-leading scholars. I am the Chair of the Technical Committee on Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA), Chair of the Technical Committee for the 2019 and 2022 European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL), Member of the Committee on Probability and Statistics in the Physical Sciences (part of the Bernoulli Society), Academic Adviser to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and member of the UK Nuclear Innovation and Research Advisory Board (NIRAB). My current research interests are in:

  • Nuclear safety
  • Efficient and readable numerical methods for uncertainty quantification
  • Resilience Engineering for critical infrastructure
  • Digital twin and efficient simulation methods capable of managing and quantifying uncertainty
  • Developing Trustful AI and Learning Algorithms for Imprecise and Bad Data
  • On-line monitoring tools for nuclear systems, Civil infrastructure and aerospace
  • Human reliability analysis and interaction with autonomous systems
  • Risk communication
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Area of Expertise

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Bayesian and Credal Networks
  • Resilience assessment of complex infrastructures
  • Nuclear safety
  • Probabilistic risk assessment
  • Human reliability 

Prize And Awards

Best Paper Award in "Innovation in Smart Cities and Systems"

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Random field failure and post-failure analyses of vertical slopes in soft clays
Agbaje Samzu, Zhang Xue, Patelli Edoardo, Ward Darren, Dhimitri Luisa
Computers and Geotechnics Vol 166 (2024)
Reclassifying historical disasters : from single to multi-hazards
Lee Ryan, White Christopher J, Adnan Mohammed Sarfaraz Gani, Douglas John, Mahecha Miguel D, O'Loughlin Fiachra E, Patelli Edoardo, Ramos Alexandre M, Roberts Matthew J, Martius Olivia, Tubaldi Enrico, van den Hurk Bart, Ward Philip J, Zscheischler Jakob
Science of the Total Environment Vol 912 (2024)
The Information Propagation Method for Efficient Network Reliability Analysis
Ohiani Temitope, Patelli Edoardo
2023 7th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS) 2023 7th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS), pp. 580-584 (2024)
Non-dimensional probabilistic analysis of seismic pounding between flexible structures and rigid boundaries
Altieri Domenico, Tubaldi Enrico, Barbato Michele, Patelli Edoardo
Journal of Earthquake Engineering Vol 28, pp. 2310-2329 (2024)
Optimization and decision making of guide vane closing law for pumped storage hydropower system to improve adaptability under complex conditions
Lei Liuwei, Chen Diyi, Ma Cheng, Chen Yongyan, Wang Hang, Chen Hongyu, Zhao Ziwen, Zhou Ye, Mahmud Apel, Patelli Edoardo
Journal of Energy Storage Vol 73 (2023)
Identifying the functional form and operation rules of energy storage pump for a hydro-wind-photovoltaic hybrid power system
Yang Tianyu, Ma Chao, Pérez-Díaz Juan I, Patelli Edoardo, Liu Chang, Chen Diyi, Bi Xiaojian, Lian Jijian, Xu Beibei
Energy Conversion and Management Vol 296 (2023)

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I am currently teaching:

  • Probability and statistics
  • Structural reliability 
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Bayesian approaches 
  • FMEA, Fault Tree, Event Tree 
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Research Interests

My primary research interests focus on the general area of risk analysis, uncertainty modelling and quantification, sensitivity analysis, nuclear safety, reliability and availability of complex systems. In particular,  the focus is on the development of verified and efficient stochastic computational methods able to model different representation of the uncertainty and providing trustful reliability analysis and risk assessment.
The numerical implementations have resulted in the development of an open-source general-purpose software package for uncertainty quantification and stochastic analysis.

Professional Activities

Frontiers Nuclear Engineering (Journal)
Associate Editor
5th International Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Science and Engineering
Keynote/plenary speaker
International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management
European Safety and Reliability Conference
International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability
ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering (Journal)
Peer reviewer

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Intelligent Digital Twin management platform for natural-technological (NaTech) disasters (Horizon Europe Pump Priming scheme)
Patelli, Edoardo (Principal Investigator) Chen, Yu (Research Co-investigator)
31-Jan-2024 - 31-Jan-2024
Improved models for the impact of floods on transport infrastructure assets
Tubaldi, Enrico (Principal Investigator) Ferguson, Neil (Co-investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator)
15-Jan-2024 - 14-Jan-2025
Care & Equity - Logistics UAS Scotland Phase 3 (CAELUS 2) (Future Flight Challenge)
Fossati, Marco (Principal Investigator) Akartunali, Kerem (Co-investigator) Cashmore, Michael (Co-investigator) Irvine, James (Co-investigator) MacBryde, Jillian (Co-investigator) Maddock, Christie (Co-investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator) Tapinos, Efstathios (Co-investigator) Vasile, Massimiliano (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2024
Low-cost sensor system for enhanced bridge flood resilience (TRIG)
Tubaldi, Enrico (Principal Investigator) Patelli, Edoardo (Co-investigator) White, Chris (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2022
Enhanced Methodologies for Advanced Nuclear System Safety
Patelli, Edoardo (Principal Investigator)
14-Jan-2022 - 13-Jan-2025
Intelligent computational methods for sustainable and resilient infrastructure (Saltire Facilitator Network)
Patelli, Edoardo (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2023

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Professor Edoardo Patelli
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tel: 548 4682