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Dr Andrew Paul

Senior Lecturer

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Personal statement

Andy holds a Senior Lectureship position in the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Strathclyde and has 20 years experience of research and teaching across the Biomedical Science (BMS) and Pharmacy (MPharm) programmes related to application of protein biochemistry and molecular pharmacology, in the context of cellular signalling, to health and disease. Andy is a graduate of the University of Glasgow (BSc (Hons) Biochemistry; 1986-1990) and completed his second degree (PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 1990-1993) at the University of Glasgow in association with the Wellcome Foundation, Beckenham.

The work in Andy's research lab focusses on the role of the inhibitory kappaB kinases (IKKs) in the regulation of both Nuclear Factor kappaB (NFkappaB)-dependent and -independent transcription in mediating inflammatory-based responses relevant to infection, regulation of immunity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Inhibitory Kappa B kinase α (IKKα) inhibitors that recapitulate their selectivity in cells against isoform-related biomarkers
Anthony Nahoum G., Baiget Jessica, Berretta Giacomo, Boyd Marie, Breen David, Edwards Joanne, Gamble Carly, Gray Alexander I., Harvey Alan L., Hatziieremia Sophia, Ho Ka Ho, Huggan Judith K., Lang Stuart, Llona-Minguez Sabin, Luo Jia Lin, McIntosh Kathryn, Paul Andrew, Plevin Robin J., Robertson Murray N., Scott Rebecca, Suckling Colin J., Sutcliffe Oliver Brook, Young Louise C., MacKay Simon P.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 60, pp. 7043-7066, (2017)
The relationship between members of the canonical NF-κB pathway, components of tumour microenvironment and survival in patients with invasive ductal breast cancer
Bennett Lindsay, Mallon Elizabeth A, Horgan Paul G., Paul Andrew, McMillan Donald C., Edwards Joanne
Oncotarget Vol 8, pp. 33002-33013, (2017)
High IKKα expression is associated with reduced time to recurrence and cancer specific survival in oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer
Bennett Lindsay, Quinn Jean, McCall Pamela, Mallon Elizabeth A., Horgan Paul G., McMillan Donald C., Paul Andrew, Edwards Joanne
International Journal of Cancer, (2016)
Pro-inflammatory signalling in vascular endothelium: a novel role for CaMKIIdelta in ageing
McCluskey Claire, Paul Andrew, Currie Susan
British Heart Journal Vol 101, (2015)
Adult cardiac fibroblast proliferation is modulated by calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in normal and hypertrophied hearts
Martin Tamara Patricia, Lawan Ahmed, Robinson Emma, Grieve David J., Plevin Robin, Paul Andrew, Currie Susan
Pflugers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology Vol n/a, pp. n/a, (2013)
Design and synthesis of EGFR dimerization inhibitors and evaluation of their potential in the treatment of psoriasis
Petch Donna, Anderson Rosaleen J., Cunningham Anne, George Suja E., Hibbs David E., Liu Ran, Mackay Simon P., Paul Andrew, Small David A. P., Groundwater Paul W.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Vol 20, pp. 5901-5914, (2012)

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Professional activities

EMBO/FEBS Conference , Spain
Keynote/plenary speaker

more professional activities


BB/J013854/1 BBSRC DPT Studentships (with Glasgow University) | McCluskey, Claire
Currie, Susan (Principal Investigator) Paul, Andrew (Co-investigator) McCluskey, Claire (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 27-Apr-2018
BBSRC Doctoral Training Grant (DTG) | Ritchie, Louise
Bushell, Trevor (Principal Investigator) Paul, Andrew (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2012 - 23-Feb-2016
A proof-of-concept study to establish a systematic approach for the discovery of allosteric sites in proteins
Paul, Andrew (Co-investigator)
Period 05-Jan-2015 - 31-Mar-2017
CXCL12 as a assay system for IKKapha inhibitor drugs
Plevin, Robin (Principal Investigator) Paul, Andrew (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2015 - 31-Mar-2017
Plevin, Robin (Principal Investigator) Boyd, Marie (Co-investigator) Paul, Andrew (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 30-Sep-2016
BHF IKK studentship - Characterising the role of inhibitory kappa B kinase in a human endothelial cess function
Plevin, Robin (Principal Investigator) Paul, Andrew (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2008 - 30-Sep-2011

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Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Hamnett Wing John Arbuthnott Building

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