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Professor Vernon Phoenix

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Personal statement

Vernon Phoenix is Professor of Environmental Engineering Science and Director of the Centre for Water, Environment, Sustainability and Public Health (WESP).  He has expertise in environmental geochemistry and geomicrobiology, and has a broad interest in bacteria/biofilm-pollutant interactions, pollutant control in natural and engineered systems and in wastewater treatment.  He combines his skills in geochemistry and geomicrobiology to explore and control pollution behaviour in the environment.  This includes research into cement-making bacteria for plugging pollution transport pathways in the subsurface, capturing and immobilizing pollutants through bacterially generated minerals and the role of the bacterial surface as a reactive interface (metal adsorption surface).  This work extends to development of pro-microbial bio-enhanced water filtration technologies for urban systems.  He has significant expertise in a wide range of imaging methods, including electron microscopies and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, the later used to visualize pollution transport inside rocks, sediments and biofilms.  Outside of his work with pollutants, he continues his research in exobiology, for example, understanding how and where microbial life might be preserved on other planets.  He is always keen to talk to potential students, collaborators and industry about future projects.  He is available for consultancy.


Microscale analysis of fractured rock sealed with microbially induced CaCO3 precipitation : influence on hydraulic and mechanical performance
Tobler Dominique J., Minto James M., El Mountassir Grainne, Lunn Rebecca J., Phoenix Vernon R.
Water Resources Research, (2018)
The effect of displacement distribution asymmetry on the accuracy of phase-shift velocimetry in porous media
Vallatos Antoine, Nath Shukla Matsyendra, Mullin James M., Phoenix Vernon R., Holmes William M.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, (2017)
Immobilisation of nanoparticles by occlusion into microbial calcite
Skuce Rebecca L., Tobler Dominique J., MacLaren Ian, Lee Martin R., Phoenix Vernon R.
Chemical Geology Vol 453, pp. 72-79, (2017)
Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in rock
Shukla Matsyendra Nath, Vallatos Antoine, Phoenix Vernon R., Holmes William M.
J Magn Reson Vol 267, pp. 43-53, (2016)
Biomineral shell formation under ocean acidification : a shift from order to chaos
Fitzer Susan C., Chung Peter, Maccherozzi Francesco, Dhesi Sarnjeet S., Kamenos Nicholas A., Phoenix Vernon R., Cusack Maggie
Scientific Reports Vol 6, (2016)
Influence of biofilms on heavy metal immobilization in sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS)
Feder Marnie, Phoenix Vernon, Haig Sarah, Sloan William, Dorea Caetano, Haynes Heather
Environmental Technology Vol 36, pp. 2803-2814, (2015)

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
James Weir Building

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