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Mr David Roxburgh

Senior Teaching Fellow


Personal statement

Before joining the School of Education in 2012, David enjoyed a varied and successful teaching career of 17 years in primary schools within Glasgow.  

David was awarded the professional title of Chartered Teacher in recognition of the quality of his classroom practice and expertise across a number of areas in the curriculum.  He was heavily involved in a wide number of school, local authority and national initiatives notably in mathematics, social studies and science.  He was seconded by his local authority to promote the teaching of mathematical problem solving and enquiry and this formed the basis of his Masters research. David regularly supervises final year undergraduate students' dissertations in these areas.

Over the past 5 years, he has been module leader in a number of areas, including both under and postgraduate science and technology programmes and was instrumental in the redesign of these within the revised BA and PGDE Primary Education programmes to support the STEM agenda in schools.

Since 2014, he has been the Depute Director of the Strathclyde China Institute (SCI) and plays a central role in international student recruitment into courses within the HaSS and Business School Faculties as well as promoting research and knowledge exchange collaborations with a number of high ranking Chinese partners.  His work also involves the successful promotion and organisation of outward mobility for students interested in visiting China for comparative, language and cultural experiences.

David sits on a number of Faculty/University wide internationalisation groups and is often asked to give his perspective on working with Chinese partners.  He is also an elected member of the Faculty Board of Study representing the School of Education and SCI.

David's part-time PhD is entering its third year, supervised by Professor Ian Rivers, and examines the teaching of Chinese language and culture in Scottish primary schools.  This links to national policy developments and to the on-going work of the Confucius Institurte for Scotland's Schools, based in the School of Education, with whom he enjoys a strong relationship.

In recognition of the quality of his various contributions, David was promoted to Senior Teaching Fellow.


Has expertise in:

    David was heavily involved in the development and roll out of new BA (Hons) and updated PGDE course in Primary Education and performs module leader roles.

    Having completed a course in Supporting Teacher Learning, David has used this work as part of the Strathclyde Enhanced Partnership Initiative (SEPI) to engage school colleagues in a joint assessment approach of BA students on placements.

    In his role as Depute Director of SCI, David visits China on a regular basis to work with our partner universities in promoting opportunities to engage with Strathclyde.  Most recently, he has successfully designed, implemented and evaluated new student programmes in comparative education and language study delivered in Strathclyde and China.

    He is an enthusiastic learner of Manadrin and is looking ahead to the implementation of the 1+2 languages agenda and how Chinese language and culture can be promoted through this in Scottish primaries.  David is keen to explore partnerships with schools in this respect.


David works on a number of modules relating to the BA and PGDE courses in Primary Education.  He also supervises BA final year students undertaking their Professional Projects in areas of interest including:

  • Effective teaching of science and technology in the primary school.  
  • Interdisciplinary/ cross-curricular learning.        
  • Problem solving and enquiry in mathematics.
  • Chinese education, language and culture.
  • Student exchange programmes with Chinese partner universities.

Research interests

  • The teaching of Mandarin Chinese in Scottish primary schools
  • The teaching of Chinese culture in Scottish primary schools
  • The ‘1+2’ languages agenda in relation to the teaching of a third language (L3) in primary schools
  • Comparative education with a Chinese/ Scottish focus
  • Study abroad experiences of student teachers
  • Approaches to mathematical problem solving and enquiry
  • Teaching of STEM subjects in the primary school

David is currently undertaking a part-time PhD which explores the teaching of Chinese language and culture within the context of the Scottish 1+2 policy agenda.  Additionally, he is in the process of contributing to papers in this area and with other links to his work in China, for example student exchange programmes.

Professional activities

The Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
Scottish Government Language Symposium (invited guest):
UK and Republic of Ireland Confucius Classrooms Conference
An introduction to the Scottish education system in the area of Curriculum for Excellence: milestones and future challenges
The ICT curriculum in Scotland: present and future developments
Confucius Institute's Professional Learning Conference

more professional activities


Nanjing Strathclyde research symposium 2017
Roxburgh, David (Principal Investigator) Lewin, David (Principal Investigator)
2 day research event on a range of educational themes
Period 26-Apr-2017 - 27-Dec-2017
Establishment of outward mobility programme with Shandong Normal University, Ji'nan, Shandong Province, China
Roxburgh, David (Principal Investigator)
Successful application for funding for 22 students to visit Shandong Normal University for 4 weeks on a language/ cultural programme in July 2017. I undertake the recruitment and management of this project and accompany the group for the duration of their time in China.
Period 01-May-2017
Proposals for co-operation with Shandong Yingcai University
Roxburgh, David (Principal Investigator)
Proposals submitted for articulations into education programmes
Period 01-May-2017 - 01-Aug-2017
Proposals for co-operation with Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University
Roxburgh, David (Co-investigator)
Proposals submitted for articulations into education programmes
Period 14-Apr-2017
Discussions on collaborations with Wuhan University in areas of education
Roxburgh, David (Principal Investigator)
Period 09-Jan-2017 - 30-Sep-2017
Integrated approaches to STEM learning:
Roxburgh, David (Principal Investigator) Chambers, Paul (Co-investigator)
Joint lead design and delivery of Continued Professional Learning with Chinese teachers in Tianjin City
Period 03-Nov-2017 - 17-Nov-2017

more projects