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Thomas J. Scotto is a Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Strathclyde.  His interests lie in the area of public opinion and applied quantitative methods (particularly structural equation and latent variable modelling).  His recent ESRC and British academy funded work is in the area of cross-national public opinion on matters of foreign policy.  His work on this subject appears in International Studies QuarterlyPolitical BehaviourInternational Relations of the Asia-Pacificand Canadian Foreign Policy.  Professor Scotto's earlier work focused on American and Canadian voting behaviour and he co-authored the University of Toronto Press Book Making Political Choices:  Canada and the United States.  From 2007-2016, he was a member of the Department of Government at the University of Essex where he was the recipient of multiple teaching awards from the Essex Student Union.  His consultancies include work on the development of "open government" indicators for the OECD, on "Parliamentary Strengthening" projects in Mozambique, Ukraine, and Georgia, and on survey design work in the United States and United Kingdom. 


A new measure of the 'democratic peace' : what country feeling thermometer data can teach us about the drivers of American and Western European foreign policy
Gries Peter, Fox Andrew, Jing Yiming, Mader Matthias, Scotto Thomas J, Reifler Jason
Political Research Exchange Vol 2 (2020)
Personality traits and foreign policy attitudes : a cross-national exploratory study
Gravelle Timothy B, Reifler Jason, Scotto Thomas J
Personality and Individual Differences Vol 153 (2020)
The effect of national and constituency level expectations on tactical voting in the British general election of 2010
Abramson Paul R, Aldrich John H, Diskin Abraham, Houck Aaron M, Levine Renan, Scotto Thomas J, Sparks David B
The Many Faces of Strategic Voting (2018) (2018)
How political are national identities? A comparison of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany in the 2010s
Mader Matthias, Scotto Thomas J, Reifler Jason, Gries Peter H, Isernia Pierangelo, Schoen Harald
Research and Politics (2018)
Populist referendum : Was 'Brexit' an expression of nativist and anti-elitist sentiment?
Iakhnis Evgeniia, Rathbun Brian, Reifler Jason, Scotto Thomas J
Research and Politics Vol 5, pp. 1-7 (2018)
We spend how much? Misperceptions, innumeracy, and support for the foreign aid in the United States and Great Britain
Scotto Thomas J, Reifler Jason, Hudson David, vanHeerde-Hudson Jennifer
Journal of Experimental Political Science Vol 4, pp. 119-128 (2017)

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