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Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

I am keen to develop innovative clean energy technologies and integrated energy solutions for sustainable and resilient energy futures, particularly for rural communities, informal settlements, areas with limited or no energy access including remote or disaster affected areas.

I joined the University of Strathclyde as a Lecturer/Chancellor Fellow in Energy in July 2019, bringing on-board 8 years’ multidisciplinary research experience in Applied Sciences and Engineering. Prior to this, I was at Cranfield University as a Research Fellow in Energy Systems, where my research in faecal biomass conversion led to the development of a novel sanitary micro-combustor for on-site conversion of human waste to energy. This was part of the development of the Nano-Membrane Toilet, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) for people lacking access to modern sanitation. I also contributed to other high-value research projects including RAEng funded project in collaboration with ASOMECSA and Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia, and BMGF “Faecal Waste Drying Characterisation" project with University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and Swansea University, UK.

I hold a PhD in Gas Turbines, Fuels and Applications from Cranfield University, UK (2015), MSc in Biotechnology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK (2010) and a BSc in Microbiology from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria (2006). I have worked in environmental consulting with extensive experience in compliance monitoring and environmental impact assessment. Some of the leading projects involved clients such as Shell, Escravos GTL, Daewoo Nigeria and Brass LNG and, research on aspects of microbiology, environmental and analytical chemistry with investigation on water, air and soil quality. Others were focused on waste water treatment; effluent monitoring, bio-degradation and remediation of crude oil in various environments.

I am an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy and a member of the Energy Institute and Society for Applied Microbiology, with ongoing commitments to encouraging girls to a career in STEM. I have co-authored more than 10 articles in leading international journals, participated in national and international conferences, and co-organised a number of conferences including the Young Microbiologists Conference and the Nigeria Energy Forum.


Non-isothermal drying kinetics of human feces
Somorin T, Fidalgo B, Hassan S, Sowale A, Kolios A, Parker A, Williams L, Collins M, McAdam E J, Tyrrel S
Drying Technology (2019)
Non-isothermal thermogravimetric kinetic analysis of the thermochemical conversion of human faeces
Fidalgo B, Chilmeran M, Somorin T, Sowale A, Kolios A, Parker A, Williams L, Collins M, McAdam E J, Tyrrel S
Renewable Energy Vol 132, pp. 1177-1184 (2019)
Conceptual environmental impact assessment of a novel self-sustained sanitation system incorporating a quantitative microbial risk assessment approach
Anastasopoulou Aikaterini, Kolios Athanasios, Somorin Tosin, Sowale Ayodeji, Jiang Ying, Fidalgo Beatriz, Parker Alison, Williams Leon, Collins Matt, McAdam Ewan, Tyrrel Sean
Science of the Total Environment Vol 639, pp. 657-672 (2018)
Clean technologies and innovation in energy
Somorin Tosin, Sowale Ayodeji, Shemfe Mobolaji, Ayodele Adefolakemi Serifat, Kolios Athanasios
Energy in Africa (2018) (2018)
Thermodynamic analysis of a gamma type Stirling engine in an energy recovery system
Sowale Ayodeji, Kolios Athanasios J, Fidalgo Beatriz, Somorin Tosin, Parker Alison, Williams Leon, Collins Matt, McAdam Ewan, Tyrrel Sean
Energy Conversion and Management Vol 165, pp. 528-540 (2018)
Design and commissioning of a multi-mode prototype for thermochemical conversion of human faeces
Jurado Nelia, Somorin Tosin, Kolios Athanasios J, Wagland Stuart, Patchigolla Kumar, Fidalgo Beatriz, Parker Alison, McAdam Ewan, Williams Leon, Tyrrel Sean
Energy Conversion and Management Vol 163, pp. 507-524 (2018)

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Research interests

My research interests cover the areas of, but not limited to:

  • fuel and waste characterisation
  • waste recovery and utilisation
  • integrated bioprocesses and technologies
  • thermochemical conversion of carbon-based fuels
  • design and testing of innovative energy technologies and processes, including complex design of laboratory- and pilot-scale rigs, process modelling and simulation
  • energy systems planning, modelling and analysis
  • environmental impact and sustainability assessment
  • feasibility studies (e.g. techno-economic and life cycle cost assessment)

Available PhD Projects

Source Detection and Treatment of Microplastics

Clean energy technologies for a rapidly developing world

Professional activities

ETP Academic Engagement Workshop
IWA Webinar: Understanding the behaviour of faecal sludge during thermal drying
University of Strathclyde & SRUC Collaborative Sustainable Farming
GCRF Demonstrate Impact Briefing on Clean Water & Sanitation

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Chemical and Process Engineering
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