Ms Mairi Spowage

Prof Of Practice & Director Of F A I


Personal statement

Mairi Spowage is a Professor of Practice and Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute.

Her areas of expertise include economic policy, economic statistics, national accounting, public sector finances, and economic and fiscal forecasting.

Mairi leads on the Institute's work with various partners, including those in business, the public and third sector. She is regularly asked to give evidence on economic and fiscal matters at Parliamentary Committees, such as the Finance and Constitution Committee and the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee. 

Mairi has been appointed to be the Budget Adviser to the Finance and Public Adminsitration Committee for 2021-2023. Mairi has also been appointed as an Office for National Statistics (ONS) fellow and member of the Economic Experts Working Group (EEWG).

Mairi is leading on various projects to improve regional economic statistics, looking at inter-regional trade, business engagement and encouraging graduates into careers in analysis through the Economic Futures programme. She is also developing the Fraser’s capacity building CPD programme in the use of national and local economic data and statistics.

Previously, Mairi was the Deputy Chief Executive of the Scottish Fiscal Commission and the Head of National Accounts at the Scottish Government, and has 15 years of experience working in different areas of statistics and analysis, including transport, household surveys and performance measurement.


Building a Suite of Subnational Socioeconomic Indicators for the United Kingdom : Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations
Davidson Sharada Nia, Connolly Kevin, Crummey Ciara, Brazzelli Niccolò, Spowage Mairi
Scottish Business Monitor : 2022 Q1
Black James, Cooper Ben, McGeoch Adam, Spowage Mairi
Fraser of Allander Institute : Economic Commentary [March 2022]
Spowage Mairi, McGeoch Adam, McIntyre Stuart, Cooper Ben, Fox Calum, Milne Kate
Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary, Vol 46, No. 1 (2022)
The Contribution of Medical Research Funding by Charities to the Welsh Economy
, Spowage Mairi
Scottish Business Monitor : Q4 2021
Cooper Ben, Spowage Mairi, Black James
Scotland's Budget Report 2021
, Eiser David, Fox Calum, McIntyre Stuart, Spowage Mairi

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Research interests

Economic Policy

Economic Measurement & Statistics

National Accounts - Input-Output Analysis

Economic and Fiscal Forecasting

Public Sector Finances

Professional activities

Building a Suite of Subnational Socioeconomic Indicators for the UK: Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations
Alumni Webinar with Debbie Crosbie, CEO TSB
Budget Advisory role for Finance and Public Administration Committee
Fraser of Allander Election 2021 Podcast Series
Fraser of Allander Institute 2021 Scottish Election Webinar
Engage Week 2021: Multi-sectoral regional modelling workshop

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Economics Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Package for Food and Drink Division
Spowage, Mairi (Principal Investigator)
12-Jan-2022 - 01-Jan-2022
Trends in Socio-Economic Determinants of Health Inequalities in Scotland
Eiser, David (Principal Investigator) Congreve, Emma (Co-investigator) Smith, Kat (Co-investigator) Spowage, Mairi (Co-investigator) Stewart, Ellen (Co-investigator)
10-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2022
Contribution of the Pharmaceutical Sector to Northern Ireland’s Economy
Spowage, Mairi (Principal Investigator) Black, James (Co-investigator) Cooper, Benjamin (Co-investigator)
Consultancy project using quotation and UoS terms.
01-Jan-2021 - 11-Jan-2022
CPD Glasgow City Council (7 Oct 2021)
Spowage, Mairi (Principal Investigator)
07-Jan-2021 - 07-Jan-2021
Improving the Quality of Regional Economic Indicators: A Scoping Study for the Development of a Suite of Subnational Indicators
Davidson, Sharada Nia (Principal Investigator) Connolly, Kevin (Co-investigator) Spowage, Mairi (Co-investigator) Crummey, Ciara (Researcher)
20-Jan-2021 - 19-Jan-2022
The economic impact of a reduction in Scotch whisky tariffs in India on the UK economy
Black, James (Principal Investigator) Brocek, Frantisek (Principal Investigator) Cooper, Benjamin (Principal Investigator) McGeoch, Adam (Principal Investigator) Spowage, Mairi (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2021

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