Dr Jens Sutter

Knowledge Exchange Associate

Computer and Information Sciences

Personal statement

I build bridges.

But I am not an engineer!

I manage the Knowledge Exchange for Strathclyde’s Health & Care Futures. I am an honorary Research & Development Consultant with NHS Lanarkshire.


Having studied Physics together with the somewhat unlikely subjects of Neuroscience, Botany and Chemistry I build bridges between different disciplines. With a background in electrophysiology, microscopy and time resolved fluorescence, an excellent knowledge in cell biology and skills in quantum Physics, Biochemistry and molecular Biology I work as an Enabler of Science. I am not an expert. I am not a specialist. I deliberately developed and nurture a broad knowledge base and a wide skills set to always explore new fields and opportunities of research and development.

Working as an Application Scientist in Biomedical Science & Knowledge Exchange I develop and manage projects between University-based research, the NHS and commercial or public partners. I bring experience in working with companies ranging from small University spin-offs to multinational enterprise and within two-partner projects to large consortia involving several Universities and companies. I am experienced in working with funding bodies: the UK and European Research Councils, Innovate UK and private funders and charities.

Besides my research and knowledge exchange, I teach with a passion. Teaching is a privilege meeting bright people and guiding them a step along their way to develop their full potential and opportunities. A special interest of mine is bespoke teaching and training to support people’s careers and ambitions. And not least of all … teaching is fun!    


Strathclyde Pandemic Research Journeys : Personal Accounts of Research During the Covid Period
Sutter Jens, Morton Alec, Maguire Roma, Littlejohn David, Allan Grant, Cogan Nicola, Combe Malcolm, Corrigan Damion, Cooper Benjamin, Egan Kieren, Flowers Paul, Grez Hidalgo Pablo, Inns Tom, Janssen Xanne, Kleczkowski Adam, MacBryde Jillian, Reilly Grant, Megiddo Itamar, Mwaura Samuel, Sharpe Tim, Sambajee Pratima, Suckling Colin, Carver Mark
Recording the heart beat of cattle using a gradiometer system of optically pumped magnetometers
Sutter Jens U, Lewis Oliver, Robinson Clive, McMahon Anthony, Boyce Robert, Bragg Rachel, Macrae Alastair, Orton Jeffrey, Shah Vishal, Ingleby Stuart J, Griffin Paul F, Riis Erling
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Vol 177 (2020)
Influence of ions and pH on formation of solid and liquid-like melanin
Chen Yi-chieh, Kendall Thomas, Yip Philip, Davy Alastair, Sefcik Jan, Sutter Jens U
ACS Omega Vol 5, pp. 25059-25068 (2020)
Recording the heart beat of cattle using a differential system of optically pumped magnetometers
Sutter Jens, Lewis Oliver, Robinson Clive, McMahon Anthony, Boyce Robert, Bragg Rachel, Macrae Alastair, Griffin Paul, Riis Erling, Ingleby Stuart
Strathclyde Innovation Symposium on Optically Pumped Magnetometers (2018)
Tracking the formation of eumelanin from L-Dopa using coupled measurements
Yip Philip, Sutter Jens U
Methods and Applications in Fluorescence Vol 6 (2018)
Mapping the formation of eumelanin using coupled measurements
Yip Philip, Sutter Jens U
FluoroFest (2017)

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Professional activities

Advance HE STEM conference
Keynote/plenary speaker
Learning Saphriogestics: Teaching Students the Knowledge and Abilities for Jobs that don't yet exist.
Management Science (Organisational unit)
Young Atom Opticians Conference
Member of programme committee
Transition metal ion sensing with core shell type semiconductor nanocrystals
ABA dependence of the KAT1 Traffic at the plasma membran
Invited speaker

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Nanoprobes for melanin and melanoma (support for CDT in Medical Imaging)
Birch, David (Principal Investigator) Chen, Yu (Co-investigator) Sutter, Jens (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2014 - 30-Jan-2018

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