Dr Efstathios Tapinos

Senior Lecturer

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship

Personal statement

I have joined the Hunter Centre of Entrepreneurship in 2019, as Senior Lecturer and Director of Knowledge Exchange. Previously, I used to work for Aston Business School as Senior Lecturer and Impact Champion. In the past, I was a visiting research fellow at Said Business School, University of Oxford.

I am passionate about academic impact and engaged research which helps individuals, organisations and the wider society. My field of research is Strategy Process, within this field I specialise on foresight, uncertainty and I have special interest on strategy tools and particularly scenario planning. I am mostly a qualitative researcher using interviews, case studies and ethnographic data. 

In my quest for academic impact, I have delivered a great number of executive education programmes on strategic management, scenario planning and entrepreneurial growth, to a variety of companies. I have worked both with large MNEs and SMEs on their strategy and growth journeys.

I am co-organising the Scenario Planning and Foresight conferences (joined events between BAM and ORSUK). And I am in the editorial board of Futures & Foresight Science.

I am keen to supervise doctorate students on topics related to my research expertise.


Has expertise in:

    Strategic Management

    Scenario Planning

    Entrepreneurial Growth Strategy 

    Business Modelling


Opening the 'black box' of scenario planning through realist synthesis
Frith David, Tapinos Efstathios
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol 151 (2019)
Exploring how experience and learning curves decrease the time invested in scenario planning interventions
Ramirez R, Bhatti Y, Tapinos E
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol 151 (2019)
Exploring the performance of strategy in two-way interactions : an analysis of annual general meetings from a practice perspective
Ogwude Uchechukwuka, Burke Gary T, Wolf Carola, Tapinos Efstathios
British Academy of Management 2019 (2019)
Assessment of anticipation
Tapinos Efstathios
Handbook of Anticipation (2019) (2019)
Exploring strategy events as staged performances : a practice-based analysis of Annual General Meetings
Ogwude Uchechukwuka, Wolf Carola, Burke Gary T, Tapinos Efstathios
SMS 38th Annual Conference (2018)
Forward looking analysis : investigating how individuals 'do' foresight and make sense of the future
Tapinos E, Pyper N
Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol 126, pp. 292-302 (2018)

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Research interests

Strategy Process


Perceived Uncertainty

Scenario Planning

Strategy Tools



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