Dr Lian Tian


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Personal statement

Lian obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010. He then took his first postdoctoral training in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in USA and his second postdoctoral training in biology at Queen's University in Canada. He Joined SIPBS in 2020. His research interest is cardiovascular physiology, biomechanics and biology, particularly in pulmonary hypertension. His group has recently focused on right ventricular fibrosis and function in pulmonary hypertension.

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Using LDDMM and a kinematic cardiac growth model to quantify growth and remodelling in rat hearts under PAH
Guan Debao, Tian Lian, Li Wei, Gao Hao
Computers in Biology and Medicine Vol 171 (2024)
The effects of mitochondrial dysfunction on the cell cycle
Wu Danchen, Tian Lian, Hoskin Victoria, Dasgupta Asish
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology Vol 11 (2023)
An integrated proteomic and transcriptomic signature of the failing right ventricle in monocrotaline induced pulmonary arterial hypertension in male rats
Hindmarch Charles Colin Thomas, Tian Lian, Xiong Ping Yu, Potus Francois, Bentley Rachel Emily Teresa, Al-Qazazi Ruaa, Prins Kurt W, Archer Stephen L
Frontiers in Physiology Vol 13 (2022)
Macrophage-NLRP3 activation promotes right ventricle failure in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Al-Qazazi Ruaa, Lima Patricia DA, Prisco Sasha Z, Potus Francois, Dasgupta Asish, Chen Kuang-Hueih, Tian Lian, Bentley Rachel E T, Mewburn Jeff, Martin Ashley Y, Wu Danchen, Jones Oliver, Maurice Donald H, Bonnet Sebastien, Provencher Steeve, Prins Kurt W, Archer Stephen L
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Vol 206, pp. 608-624 (2022)
Inhibiting pyruvate kinase muscle isoform 2 regresses group 2 pulmonary hypertension induced by supra-coronary aortic banding
Xiong Ping Yu, Motamed Mehras, Chen Kuang-Hueih, Dasgupta Asish, Potus François, Tian Lian, Martin Ashley, Mewburn Jeffrey, Jones Oliver, Thébaud Arthur, Archer Stephen L
Acta Physiologica Vol 234 (2022)
PINK1-induced phosphorylation of mitofusin 2 at serine 442 causes its proteasomal degradation and promotes cell proliferation in lung cancer and pulmonary arterial hypertension
Dasgupta Asish, Chen Kuang-Hueih, Lima Patricia DA, Mewburn Jeffrey, Wu Danchen, Al-Qazazi Ruaa, Jones Oliver, Tian Lian, Potus Francois, Bonnet Sebastien, Archer Stephen L
FASEB Journal Vol 35 (2021)

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Research Interests

Cardiovascular physiology, biomechanics, biology and modeling in pulmonary hypertension

Professional Activities

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Targeting right ventricular diastolic dysfunction, fibrosis and ischemia in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Cellular Signalling (Journal)
Peer reviewer
International Journal of Cardiology (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Graz University of Technology
Visiting researcher

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Novel therapies targeting the right ventricle in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Tian, Lian (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2023 - 31-Jan-2025
Sex-dependent mitochondrial function in right ventricle in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Tian, Lian (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2021
Doctoral Training Partnership 2020-2021 University of Strathclyde | Coyle, Chelbi
Tian, Lian (Principal Investigator) MacLean, Mandy (Co-investigator) Coyle, Chelbi (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2024

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Dr Lian Tian
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Email: lian.tian@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 0141 548 4968