Dr Eleni Tsougkou



Personal statement

Eleni (Lenia) Tsougkou is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Department of Marketing of the University of Strathclyde. She has a wide spectrum of academic background in business, ranging from economics to marketing management. She has obtained her PhD in International Marketing from Loughborough University (UK). She also holds a master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Leeds University Business School (UK), as well as an undergraduate degree in Economic and Regional Development from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece). During and in between her studies she gained work experience, both in the marketing side of the industry as well as in the agency side, holding mostly account handling responsibilities.



Has expertise in:

    - International marketing

    - Exporting, international marketing strategy and entreprenseurship

    - Marketing management and consumer behavior within digital, online, and interactive marketing settings

    - Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)

Prizes and awards

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Best Reviewer Award

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Augmented reality and experience co-creation in heritage settings
Panhale Tanvi, Bryce Derek, Tsougkou Eleni (Lenia)
Journal of Marketing Management (2022)
Exploring sources and traits of the co-created digital brand personality across social media platforms : a multi-site netnography
Ghorbani Mijka, Tonner Andrea, Tsougkou Eleni (Lenia)
Academy of Marketing Conference (2022)
Drivers of consumer attitudes towards global brand activists : a mediated approach
Tsougkou Eleni (Lenia), Karampela Maria
American Marketing Association Global Marketing SIG Conference (2022)
The effect of the emotional positivity of brand-generated social media messages on consumer attention and information sharing
Oliveira João S, Ifie Kemefasu, Sykora Martin, Tsougkou Eleni (Lenia), Castro Vitor, Elayan Suzanne
Journal of Business Research Vol 140, pp. 49-61 (2022)
Experience co-creation and AR : heritage producers perspective
Panhale Tanvi, Bryce Derek, Tsougkou Eleni (Lenia)
The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Annual Conference 2021 (2021)
Product innovation strategy and competitive advantage : an empirical study of Portuguese exporters
Lisboa Ana, Nagy Gabor, Tsougkou Eleni (Lenia), Cadogan John W, Hodgkinson Ian R, Oliveira João S, Story Vicky M, Boso Nathaniel
European Marketing Academy Conference 2021 (2021)

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Eleni is teaching both at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. She is the class coordinator for the honours module of International Business Management. She also teaches Strategic Global Marketing for the students of the MSc International Marketing programme and Dissertation Skills for the MSc Marketing students.

Research interests

Eleni has a wide spectrum of research interests within the area of the firm’s international activities and marketing management.

Her major research interest concerns international business from a marketing perspective and tackles aspects such as:
- International marketing (e.g. international marketing strategy, export marketing & entry modes, global branding and global brand management, global consumer behaviour)
- International Entrepreneurship (e.g. entrepreneurial orientation, innovativeness, competitive aggressiveness)
- The role of formal and informal institutions in firms’ international activities and performance (e.g. network ties, emerging markets)

Her doctoral thesis has focused on investigating how export product adaptation affects customer value creation. She is currently involved in a multi-country project examining “Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century” and specifically tackling issues such as export product adaptation, innovativeness, entry-mode and international CSR.

On the side, Eleni is also interested in aspects of marketing management related to:
- Digital marketing/(online) brand management
- Consumer psychology & behaviour (e.g. the role of emotions in marketing settings, consumer engagement, attitudes and intentions)

She holds experience both in:
- Quantitative research (regression analysis & SEM-structural equation modelling)
- Qualitative research (e.g. interviews), preferably as part of a mixed methods approach

Her work is frequently presented in international conferences and she is extremely keen on supervising students on any of the above-mentioned research areas.

Professional activities

European Marketing Academy Conference 2023 (Event)
Peer reviewer
American Marketing Association Global Marketing SIG Conference 2023 (Event)
Peer reviewer
International Marketing Review (Journal)
Peer reviewer
European Journal of Marketing (Journal)
Peer reviewer
PhD Internal Examiner (Viva)
MRES Examination

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Digital Branding
Tsougkou, Eleni (Lenia) (Principal Investigator) Sykora, Martin (Principal Investigator) Ifie, Kemefasu (Principal Investigator) Oliveira, João S. (Principal Investigator) Elayan, Suzanne (Principal Investigator)
A project examining the effects of digital branding efforts on social media.
Digital Brand Personality
Ghorbani, Mijka (Researcher) Tonner, Andrea (Academic) Tsougkou, Eleni (Lenia) (Academic)
Augmented Reality in Heritage
Panhale, Tanvi (Researcher) Bryce, Derek (Academic) Tsougkou, Eleni (Lenia) (Academic)
Digital 101
Tsougkou, Eleni (Lenia) (Academic) Oliveira, João S. (Principal Investigator) Ifie, Kemefasu (Academic) Sykora, Martin (Academic) Castro, Vitor (Academic) Elayan, Suzanne (Researcher)
Project investigating the role of emotions in social media marketing settings.
01-Jan-2016 - 15-Jan-2021
Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
Tsougkou, Eleni (Lenia) (Academic) Cadogan, John W. (Principal Investigator) Hodgkinson, Ian R. (Academic) Oliveira, João S. (Academic) Story, Vicky M. (Academic) Boso, Nathaniel (Academic) Lioliou, Eleni (Academic) Laukannen, Tommi (Academic) Asmat-Nizam Abdul-Talib, Asmat-Nizam (Academic) Jean, Ruey-Jer "Bryan" (Academic) Beracs, József (Academic) Nagy, Gabor (Academic) Felzensztein, Christian (Academic) Martínez-López, Francisco J. (Academic) Lisboa, Ana (Academic) Bilgin Wührer, Zeynep (Academic) Thoumrungroje, Amonrat (Academic) Schwens, Christian (Academic) Walheiser, Dennis (Researcher) Ko, Eunju (Academic) Sy-Chango, Joseph (Academic) Schmitt, Julien (Academic) Souchon, Anne (Academic) Despoudi, Stella (Academic) Eibe Sørensen, Hans (Academic) Yazdani, Nahid (Academic) Asikainen, Sanna-Katriina (Principal Investigator)
This project studies firms’ international business activities (such as their international marketing strategy, their competitive approach, their innovation, their CSR, and so on), their internal characteristics, the external environment and the implications on performance. The project is led by Professor John Cadogan (Loughborough University) and entails a wide international network of academic collaborators. More than 15 countries have currently collected data for this project, which will eventually compare aspects of entrepreneurship across the markets involved.

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