Mrs Helyn Gould

Deputy Associate Principal

Management Science

Personal statement

As Deputy Associate Principal for Learning Teaching I support the Principal and Vice Principal in delivering our institutional priorities in Education, Learning and Teaching.

I am also the Director of Admissions and Curriculum Development within Strathclyde Business School.


2007, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


The Learning Analytics QAA Collaborative Cluster
Gould Helyn, Green Brian, Hainey Ainsley
4th International Enhancement in Higher Education Conference (2020)
Learning from disruption : exploring the impact of the rapid move online for longer term pedagogy and enhancement of the student experience
Crum Ailsa, Crick Tom, Gould Helyn, Peddie Clare, Watermeyer Richard
QAA Scotland Learning from Disruption: (2020)
Creating the Learner Experience Framework: a refreshed approach to graduate attributes
Green Brian, Gould Helyn
Creating the Learner Experience Framework: A Refreshed Approach to Graduate Attributes. (2019)
Understanding student surveys panel discussion
Gould Helyn
QAA Understanding Student Surveys (2019)
So you have the data, what next? Reflections on harnessing the data to support enhancement activity
Green Brian, Gould Helyn
QAA Scotland Exploring Student Surveys Event (2019)
Institutional perspectives : auditing the data used by programme leaders
Gould Helyn
QAA Supporting Programme Leaders to Navigate (and Shape) the Data Landscape (2019)

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I currently Programme Director for the MSc Financial Technology in Bahrain and teach within our Degree Apprenticeships. Until 2014 I was involved in teaching in the Management Science department, where I began lecturing in 1997.

Research interests

I joined the University in 1992 and was originally a project manager on a range of educational technology projects within the University until 2007, when I changed focus to programme management within the faculty. My publications relate to the education field, focusing on the areas of educational technology, work based learning and learning analytics.


Quality Assuring the Employer Role in GAs
Gould, Helyn (Principal Investigator) Milligan, Catherine (Co-investigator) Green, Brian (Co-investigator)
This project aims to explore the employer role in delivering quality WBL in GAs. Within the QEF, GA providers are required to implement mechanisms to ensure effective arrangements are in place for managing academic standards and the quality of the student learning experience. HEIs must align to the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which outlines the expectations and standards for managing the quality of provision and specific expectations for the delivery of degree level education. Provision is quality assured by the provider to be ‘credible and secure’ both in academic terms and in the context of Graduate Apprenticeships, in relation to the WBL elements that take place in the workplace. This project examines and establishes best practice in three specific aspects of GAs:

• Employer input to the design of the award;
• Employer input into planning the WBL content;
• Employer input into delivery.
The results will contribute to a broader QA project currently underway.
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2020
Students as Partners in Learning Enhancement
Bonnar, Lizann (Academic) Willison, Debra (Academic) McLaren, Andrew (Academic) Thomson, Avril (Academic) Gould, Helyn (Academic) Thomson, Linda (Academic)
HEA funded workshop (£750) on working in partnership with students on a range of learning enhancement projects.
05-Jan-2014 - 05-Jan-2014
Engaging Students in Delivering High Quality, Consistent, University Wide Student Assessment and Feedback
Thomson, Avril (Principal Investigator) Bonnar, Lizann (Principal Investigator) Gould, Helyn (Principal Investigator) Willison, Debra (Principal Investigator)
Educational Excellence Funding £28,000
30-Jan-2013 - 01-Jan-2013
Roll-out of Student Led Peer and Community Personal Development Planning (PC PDP)
Willison, Debra (Principal Investigator) Gould, Helyn (Principal Investigator) Green, Brian (Principal Investigator) McLaren, Andrew (Principal Investigator) Sayer, Philip (Principal Investigator) Thomson, Avril (Principal Investigator)
Education Excellence funding (£19759.28) supported the engagement of student interns from across all four faculties to support the roll out of PDP.
05-Jan-2013 - 12-Jan-2013
Engaging Students in Delivering High Quality, Consistent, University Wide Student Assessment and Feedback
Willison, Debra (Principal Investigator) Bonnar, Lizann (Principal Investigator) Gould, Helyn (Principal Investigator)
Education Excellence Funding (£27996.25) supported the engagement of student interns to co-create assessment and feedback processes to inform the creation of a university wide assessment and feedback policy.
30-Jan-2012 - 27-Jan-2012

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