Mr Alessandro Venerandi

Research Fellow



Urban form character and Airbnb in Amsterdam (NL) : a morphometric approach
Venerandi Alessandro, Feliciotti Alessandra, Fleischmann Martin, Kourtit Karima, Porta Sergio
Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, pp. 239980832211151 (2022)
Diachronic investigation of the urban form of Qom (Iran) through morphometric approach
Venerandi Alessandro, Zamani Vahid, Porta Sergio
Annual Conference Proceedings of the XXVIII International Seminar on Urban Form , pp. 864-875 (2022)
Encoding Good Urban Form : the Use of Urban MorphoMetrics in the Elaboration of Local Design Codes for Asian Cities
Romice O, Venerandi A, Kalyan K, Bhardwaj N, Viese V, Porta S
Urban morphometrics and the intangible uniqueness of tangible heritage. An evidence-based generative design experiment in historical Kochi (IN)
Venerandi Alessandro, Romice Ombretta, Chepelianskaia Olga, Kalyan Kavya, Bhardwaj Nitin, Viese Vija, Ugás Sebastián, Raman Shibu, Porta Sergio
Heritage Vol 4, pp. 4399-4420 (2021)
Exploring the similarities between informal and medieval settlements : A methodology and an application
Venerandi Alessandro, Iovene Maddalena, Fusco Giovanni
Cities Vol 115 (2021)
A taxonomy of informality : exploring block types in five informal settlements in East Africa
Venerandi Alessandro, Mottelson Johan
ISUF Annual Conference Proceedings Vol 1 (2021)

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