Dr Ksenia Wesolowska

Senior Teaching Fellow



Personal statement

Since about 2011, my research interests have been concentrated on the Middle East, with a specific focus on exploring the various dimensions of international mediation, negotiation, and diplomatic practices related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and US foreign policy during the Cold War era. In essence, I’m interested in analysing the environment of conflict management in ways crucial to our understanding of not only how the conflicts have ended, but also under what circumstances the agreements have been achieved. 

My current research focuses on both historical and contemporary regions of intelligence, with a particular emphasis on the Eastern bloc's operations in the Middle East. I examine the interplay between secret intelligence studies, including processes and methods, espionage, and international history. I am in the process of writing a book that evaluates and assesses KGB operations in Turkey during the 1970s and 1980s.


I hold a BA in International Relations, an MA in Diplomacy, and a PhD in International History, from the University of Nottingham.


I am an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. 


I am the Associate Dean of Online Learning for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. 




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Area of Expertise


  • Eastern bloc's secret intelligence 
  • 20th century Eastern Europe 
  • International Conflict Resolution
  • Arab-Israeli Dispute
  • US Foreign Policy 
  • International History in the twentieth century
  • Global Cold War



PhD supervision:

I welcome postgraduate supervision in any areas of secret intelligence, Cold War Eastern bloc, Eastern Europe, conflict resolution, particularly international mediation; diplomatic practice; the Arab-Israeli conflict; US foreign policy in the Cold War era.



Prize And Awards

Teaching Excellence Award - Impact and Innovation
Strathclyde Women+ in Leadership Network's #CelebrateHER Awards Nomination
Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Teaching Excellence Award Nomination - Going the Extra Mile
Teaching Excellence Award Nomination - Engagement with Students
Fellowship of HEA

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Student, staff and employer's perspectives on education for sustainable development in UK HEIs 2021-2024
Strachan Scott, Wesolowska Ksenia, Lefever Joan-Emilie, Moreno-Rangel Alejandro, Vaughan Helen L
SoTL Collaborative Writing Groups (2024)
Cold War and the periphery
Wesolowska Ksenia
The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies Annual Conference (2023)
Cold War Turkey through Soviet Bloc’s eyes
Wesolowska Ksenia
Cold War History (2023)
The recruitment and secret operations of the Bulgarian and Polish "illegals" in Turkey
Wesolowska Ksenia
International Intelligence History Association 2022 Annual Conference (2022)
East European secret intelligence and Turkey's Cold War
Wesolowska Ksenia
British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies Annual Conference (2022)
Belonging and learning communities : case study
Wesolowska Ksenia
Celebrating Innovation and Resilience at Strathclyde Awards & Examples of Good Practice During the COVID Pandemic (2020/2021) (2021) (2021)

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V1726/V1727 Classified: Spying on the World from 1945 to the Present 

V1398/V1705 US Foreign Policy, 1945-1989 

V1398/V1406 Cold War Europe, 1945-1991

V1320/V1407 Bombers and Mash: Britain and the Home Front, 1939-1945 

V1216 History of the United States of America since 1877 

V1217 Modern Europe 

V1103 History 1B 



V1996 Conflict Resolution in the Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1947 – 1979 

V1993 Evolution of Diplomacy 

V1994 Embassies in Crisis 

V1932 Research Skills and Methods 

L2963 Contemporary Security Challenges and Responses


At postgraduate level I convene and teach classes on the MSc in Diplomacy and International Security programme


My teaching reflects my interdisciplinary research interests in international relations, diplomacy and international history since the Second World War and the broader subject of secret intelligence, and conflict resolution, particularly international mediation. 


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Research Interests


I am currently working on a book exploring Soviet Bloc’s operations in Turkey in the 1970s and 1980s when the East European case officers ran a string of agents inside Turkey’s security and counter-intelligence establishments. Their key aim was to work out and divulge the structure, organization, staffing, and working methods of the intelligence agencies in Turkey, their impact on the socialist countries, and the country’s connection with other NATO partners. This book, utilizing the hitherto unexploited primary material pertinent to the Soviet Bloc’s operations, fills a gap in literature extending our understanding of Turkey’s Cold War through the Eastern Bloc lenses. 


The key focus of my PhD was the field of conflict mediation, by evaluating the effectiveness of the process of concession-hunting yet still supporting the analysis with the assessment of its context. In terms of the context, the book deepened our understanding of the US foreign policy in the Arab-Israeli dispute and Henry Kissinger’s role as a mediator. Essentially, it explores the US mediation strategies applied during the Egyptian-Israeli conflict in the period of 1973-1975. It focused on the US role in bringing Egypt and Israel towards a settlement from the October War to the brink of the Camp David settlement. The centrepiece of the project was the mediation efforts during the Presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Professional Activities

Teaching with simulation and role-play exercises
Teaching and scholarship seminars of the department of Humanities
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Collaborative Writing Group
International Studies Association (External organisation)
‘Palestinian – Israeli peace process and the Human Rights’
Women's Intelligence Network (External organisation)

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Dr Ksenia Wesolowska
Senior Teaching Fellow

Email: ksenia.wesolowska@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 444 8218