Dr Jonathan Williams

Research Associate

Biomedical Engineering

Personal statement

I joined the department of Biomedical Engineering as a postdoctoral research associate in November 2018, immediately after an Engineering Doctorate in Medical Devices also from the department. Previously, I completed and MPhys in Physics and Astrophysics at Cardiff University, before completing and MSc in Medical Physics at the University of Aberdeen.

During my doctoral research I characterised the effects spinal cord injury-induced osteoporosis has on the musculoskeletal system, under the supervision of Dr Sylvie Coupaud. This research has proven critical for my current central research focus, which is the development and characterisation of the effects of wearable devices that deliver nanoscale vibrations to the musculoskeletal system. A promising technology, which in-vitro as been shown to encourage mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate in to osteoblasts (bone building cells), thus may aid in preventing or treating osteoporosis and enhancing fracture healing.


Has expertise in:

    Digital Image Processing


Spatiotemporal responses of trabecular and cortical bone to complete spinal cord injury in skeletally mature rats
Williams Jonathan A, Huesa Carmen, Windmill James FC, Purcell Mariel, Reid Stuart, Coupaud Sylvie, Riddell John S
Bone Reports Vol 16 (2022)
Time course changes to structural, mechanical and material properties of bone in rats after complete spinal cord injury
Williams Jonathan A, Huesa Carmen, Turunen Mikael J, Oo James A, Radzins Oskars, Gardener Wilf, Windmill James FC, Isaksson Hanna, Tanner K Elizabeth, Riddell John S, Coupaud Sylvie
The Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions Vol 22, pp. 212-234 (2022)
Global and site-specific analysis of bone in a rat model of spinal cord injury-induced osteoporosis
Williams Jonathan A, Windmill James FC, Tanner K Elizabeth, Riddell John S, Coupaud Sylvie
Bone Reports Vol 12 (2020)

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Domingo-Roca, Roger (Principal Investigator) Witte, Kimia (Principal Investigator) Williams, Jonathan (Principal Investigator) Macente, Alice (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 01-Jan-2023
Medical Devices Doctoral Training Centre Renewal | Williams, Jonathan
Coupaud, Sylvie (Principal Investigator) Windmill, James (Co-investigator) Williams, Jonathan (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2014 - 03-Jan-2019

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