Dr Juliette Wilson



Personal statement

I am a Reader in the Department of Marketing where I have been based since 2008. My research interests are focused on exploring the role of networking and wider market practices of small and medium sized firms. Within this field I have particular interest in hybrid organisational structures and alternative and non-mainstream markets. I have a strong portfolio of leadership and management roles within SBS. I am currently Director of Teaching and Learning and also an elected member of the University Senate. I have extensive research expertise in the Food and Drink sector where I have worked with large and small companies, both nationally and internationally, examining issues related to relative competitiveness and growth strategies. I was appointed as expert budget adviser to the Scottish Government in 2017.

I have published in leading business journals including the International Journal of Management Reviews, Technological Forecasting and Social Change and International Small Business Journal. I have had research funding secured from the EU FP7 Regime, ESRC, ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, British Academy, Academy of Marketing, Scottish Universities Insight Institute and Curtin University.

I have acted as External Examiner at Heriot Watt University since 2016.

Outside work, I am a board member of Dunbartonshire Young Enterprise and an active member of the Marketing Society.



Has expertise in:

    Expertise in:

    • Food and Drink Sector
    • Small Business Marketing
    • Strategic alliances
    • Network Studies
    • Alternative and non-mainstream markets
    • Hybrid organisations
    • Green Marketing and sustainable consumption
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

    I am currently supervising doctoral students in the following areas:

    • The impact of social enterprise on individual and community well-being
    • Green marketing
    • Structural diversification in family farming businesses
    • DIY cultures in the crime fiction scene
    • Transformative service in everyday service encounters
    • Collaborative models within organisations

Prizes and awards

Strathclyde Business School Teaching Excellence Awards
Outstanding, effective and sustained contribution to the student learning experience’ at the ‘Strathclyde Business School Teaching Excellence Awards, 2022.
Nomination for Teaching Excellence
Nomination for Teaching Excellence
Best Teacher in Business Faculty
Shortlisted for Most Supportive Teacher in the University

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On the beer wagon : the past, present and future of Celtic Craft Brewing and its policies
Wilson Juliette, Sanchez Rodrigues Vasco, Mac an Bhaird Ciaran, Lofti Maryam, Kumar Maneesh, Horgan Donagh, Drakopoulou Dodd Sarah, Danson Mike
Regional Studies, Regional Science (2022)
Using engagement to change entrenched practices around food waste
Ozgen Genc Tugce, Wilson Juliette, Alexander Matthew, Conduit Jodie
ANZMAC 2022 (2022)
Unintended consequences in mundane service settings
Binti Abu Mimi, Alexander Matthew, Wilson Juliette
ANZMAC 2022 (2022)
Re-sourcing the city through radical institutional enterprise entwining and embedding the rural in urban peripheries
Drakopoulou Dodd Sarah, Wilson Juliette, Bonner James
Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2022)
Community engagement for social and environmental innovation : a Sicilian case study
Evans Brendan, Wilson Juliette, Drakopoulou Dodd Sarah, Alexander Matthew
Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2022)
Tackling food poverty : logic multiplicity in the third sector
Gordon Katy, Wilson Juliette, Tonner Andrea
Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2022)

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I have been nominated in the last eight consecutive years (2011-2018) by students as part of Strathclyde's Teaching Excellence awards across all categories (best overall, most passionate, most innovative, most supportive). In 2017, I won Best Teacher in Faculty and was shortlisted for most supportive teacher in the entire University.  

I teach at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Most of my teaching is centred around Marketing Research, Research Methods and Dissertation Skills and I co-ordinate and deliver classes on these at all levels. I also co-ordinate the Marketing Dissertation at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. I helped develop the programme for our new Digital Masters in Marketing; and will be teaching on that and our new Small Business Marketing class from September 2019.

I have overseas teaching experience and taught at ESC Clermont over a number of years as an invited Professor as part of their International Week. I have been an invited speaker at the Scottish Entrepreneurship Research Seminar (2018); Royal Society of the Arts (2017); CoHERE Horizon 2020 Workshop (2017); International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing (2014); and the Scottish Colloquium on Food and Feeding (2011).

I have extensive supervisory experience at PhD, MSc and UG levels: I have supervised over 100 PhD/ MSc Masters’ student’s industry projects/ UG student dissertations and theses.

I have experience of leading action research workshops using entrepreneurship business models and frameworks.

I have strong quantitative and qualitative methods expertise.

Research interests

My research interests are focused on exploring the role of networking and wider market practices of small and medium sized firms. Within this field I have particular interest in hybrid organisational structures and alternative and non-mainstream markets.  I have conducted research in a variety of specific sectors such as the creative industries, craft and artisanal sectors and food and farming. 

Current research projects include: innovation and growth in the craft beer sector; the feasibility of the social enterprise model in tackling health inequality; the role of festivals on the economic and social development of local communities and a project exploring the transformative impacts of everyday service encounters.


  • In 2017, I led a Scottish Universities Insights Institute funded pan-European project with academic and industry partners from 9 European Countries on networking practices in the craft beer sector.     
  • Lead Author of White Paper: Crafting Growth; Exploring the Emerging Potential and Challenges for Scotland’s Craft Beer Sector, IPPI (2018).
  • Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Awards for Best Paper 2012 and 2016.

My work has been published in the International Journal of Management Reviews, the Journal of Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeInternational Small Business JournalInternational Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Thunderbird International Business ReviewConsumption, Markets and CultureAdvances in Consumer ResearchJournal of Marketing ChannelsInternational Review of Retail Distribution and Consumer ResearchInternational Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, and the British Food Journal.

I am an editorial board member Industrial Marketing Management. I also review for the International Small Business Journal; European Journal of Marketing; Journal of Business Research; Technological Forecasting and Social Change; Journal of Sustainable Tourism; and the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Professional activities

12th SERVSIG 2022
12th AMA SERVSIG conference
Exploring Transformative Servicescapes through Risographs, Illustrations and Graphic Recordings
Reframing Domesticity: Food and Public Engagement in a Women’s Museum
Tapping Into a Wellbeing Economy
Member of programme committee
R&D Management Conference 2021

More professional activities


Economic and environmental impact of Scottish Public Sector Procurement: measuring "doing good"
Wagner, Beverly (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Principal Investigator)
Two workshops intended as fact finding exercises to assess factors that help and hinder the economic and environmental impact of Scottish Public Sector Procurement.
30-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Modern Slavery: An Exploratory Review
Wagner, Beverly (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Principal Investigator)
To explore the state of preparedness of organisations and bodies who are involved in finding ways to prevent and mitigate against modern slavery.
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2023
Development & Commercialisation of the world’s first technology enabling 100% of Post Consumer recycled bottles (rPET), to be remanufactured into “as new”, PET Bottles :PET-Yield
Atkinson, Robert (Principal Investigator) Cardona Amengual, Javier (Co-investigator) Liggat, John (Co-investigator) Nordon, Alison (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator) Wagner, Beverly (Co-investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
30 years of Transformation
Hamilton, Kathy (Principal Investigator) Porteous, Holly (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Principal Investigator)
This zoom event focused on sharing research findings and discussing the wider impact of the research in an informal and non-academic setting. Coinciding with our case organization’s 30th anniversary, the event will celebrate 30 years of transforming lives and look ahead to the next decade.
17-Jan-2022 - 17-Jan-2022
Meet the Researchers
Hamilton, Kathy (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Principal Investigator) Porteous, Holly (Principal Investigator)
Running over several sessions, this is an open-invite for anyone interested in the project to drop in to the exhibition to ask questions, or hear more about the findings.
- Wednesday 2nd March, 2pm to 4pm
- Thursday 10th March, 5pm to 7pm
- Saturday 19th March, 1pm to 3pm
- Friday 25th March, 10am to 12pm
02-Jan-2022 - 25-Jan-2022
Hamilton, Kathy (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Principal Investigator) Porteous, Holly (Principal Investigator)
Transformations is an art and audio-visual exhibition that ran in Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) from 1st March to 15th April 2022. The exhibition is supported by funding from the Marketing Trust and Academy of Marketing. The exhibition features:
- a collection of risograph prints that were created during our Arts-based Research. The prints depict personal expressions of what difference GWL has made to women’s lives.
- A series of illustrations that combine the words of some of our interview participants with artwork commission from Jules Scheele.
- An audio-visual presentation that uses the research findings as a knowledge base to inform recommendations on inclusive services and spaces.
This event is aimed at anyone who is interested in GWL’s work, as well as anyone looking to find inspiration on how to be more inclusive in their own organisation.
01-Jan-2022 - 15-Jan-2022

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