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Personal statement

Kali Wilson is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow in the Experimental Quantum Optics and Photonics Group of the Department of physics. Her current research uses superfluids of light and superfluids formed of ultracold atoms to address fundamental physics questions such as the mechanisms underlying turbulence, and cooperative behaviour in many-body quantum systems. Her research relies on bridging experimental techniques from the atomic physics, nonlinear optics and imaging communities.

Kali joined the Physics Department of the University of Strathclyde in 2021 on a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and is currently developing an ultra-cold atom experiment to study superfluid dynamics in quantum mixtures.

Prior to her work at Strathclyde, Kali studied physics at Wellesley College. She did her PhD in Optical Sciences in Brian Anderson’s group at the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences, studying vortex dynamics and quantum turbulence in Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). In 2015, Kali moved to Edinburgh to join Daniele Faccio’s group at Heriot–Watt University (the group has since moved to Glasgow University) to investigate photon fluids, i.e., superfluids of light, with applications to superfluidity, analogue gravity, and photon droplets. In 2018, she joined Simon Cornish’s group at Durham University, working on the CsYb ultracold atom experiment.  During her time in Durham, they demonstrated the first Cs-Yb dual Bose-Einstein condensates, which facilitate studies of beyond mean-field physics in ultracold atoms.

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Observation of magnetic Feshbach resonances between Cs and 173Yb
Franzen Tobias, Guttridge Alexander, Wilson Kali E, Segal Jack, Frye Matthew D, Hutson Jeremy M, Cornish Simon L
Physical Review Research Vol 4 (2022)
Generation of high-winding-number superfluid circulation in Bose-Einstein condensates
Wilson Kali E, Samson E Carlo, Newman Zachary L, Anderson Brian P
Physical Review A Vol 106 (2022)
Dynamics of a degenerate Cs-Yb mixture with attractive interspecies interactions
Wilson Kali E, Guttridge Alexander, Liu I-Kang, Segal Jack, Billam Thomas P, Parker Nick G, Proukakis N P, Cornish Simon L
Physical Review Research Vol 3 (2021)
Quantum degenerate mixtures of Cs and Yb
Wilson Kali E, Guttridge Alexander, Segal Jack, Cornish Simon L
Physical Review A Vol 103 (2021)
Self-bound droplets of light with orbital angular momentum
Westerberg Niclas, Wilson Kali E, Duncan Callum W, Faccio Daniele, Wright Ewan M, Öhberg Patrik, Valiente Manuel
Physical Review A Vol 98 (2018)
Observation of photon droplets and their dynamics
Wilson Kali E, Westerberg Niclas, Valiente Manuel, Duncan Callum W, Wright Ewan M, Öhberg Patrik, Faccio Daniele
Physical Review Letters Vol 121 (2018)

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Dr Kali Wilson
Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Email: kali.wilson@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 3363