Dr Robbie Wilson

Research Associate



Optimisation and control of synchrotron emission in ultraintense laser-solid interactions using machine learning
Goodman J, King M, Dolier E J, Wilson R, Gray R J, McKenna P
High Power Laser Science and Engineering, pp. 1-17 (2023)
Multi-parameter Bayesian optimisation of laser-driven ion acceleration in particle-in-cell simulations
Dolier E J, King M, Wilson R, Gray R J, McKenna P
New Journal of Physics Vol 24 (2022)
High order modes of intense second harmonic light produced from a plasma aperture
Bacon E, King M, Wilson R, Frazer T P, Gray R J, McKenna P
Matter and Radiation at Extremes (2022)
Optimisation of multi-petawatt laser-driven proton acceleration in the relativistic transparency regime
Goodman J, King M, Wilson R, Gray R J, McKenna P
New Journal of Physics Vol 24 (2022)
Influence of spatial-intensity contrast in ultraintense laser-plasma interactions
Wilson R, King M, Butler N M H, Carroll D C, Frazer T P, Duff M J, Higginson A, Dance R J, Jarrett J, Davidson Z E, Armstrong C D, Liu H, Hawkes S J, Clarke R J, Neely D, Gray R J, McKenna P
Scientific Reports Vol 12 (2022)
Influence of target-rear-side short scale length density gradients on laser-driven proton acceleration
Higginson A, Wilson R, Goodman J, King M, Dance R J, Butler N M H, Armstrong C D, Notley M, Carroll D C, Fang Y, Yuan X H, Neely D, Gray R J, McKenna P
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Vol 63 (2021)

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