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Professor Stephen Wilson

Mathematics and Statistics

Personal statement

I have made contributions to the mathematical modelling and analysis of a wide range of problems in fluid mechanics, including thin-film flows, evaporating droplets, rivulets and dry-patches, dielectrophoresis, microfluidics, liquid crystals, non-Newtonian fluids (including viscoplastic fluids, thixotropic fluids and nanofluids), anti-surfactants and self-rewetting fluids, fluid-structure interaction problems, biomechanics, nucleate boiling, confined bubbles, thermocapillary (Marangoni) and thermoviscosity effects, spin coating, magnetohydrodynamics, and fluid impact problems.

The common theme running through all of my work is the use of a range of mathematical (namely asymptotic, analytical and numerical) methods to bring new insights into a wide range of "real world" problems ranging from boiling and evaporation through industrial coating processes to biological systems such as the human knee.


The lifetimes of evaporating sessile droplets are significantly extended by strong thermal effects
Schofield F. G. H., Wilson S. K., Pritchard D., Sefiane K.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics Vol 851, pp. 231-244, (2018)
Rivulet flow of generalized Newtonian fluids
Al Mukahal F. H. H., Duffy B. R., Wilson S. K.
Physical Review Fluids Vol 3, (2018)
Preface to the special issue celebrating 50 years of the Journal of Engineering Mathematics
Matar Omar K., Wilson Stephen K.
Journal of Engineering Mathematics Vol 107, pp. 1-4, (2017)
Simple waves and shocks in a thin film of a perfectly soluble antisurfactant solution
Conn J. J. A., Duffy B. R., Pritchard D., Wilson S. K., Sefiane K.
Journal of Engineering Mathematics Vol 107, pp. 167-178, (2017)
Advection and Taylor-Aris dispersion in rivulet flow
Al Mukahal F. H. H., Duffy B. R., Wilson S. K.
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Vol 473, (2017)
Electro-manipulation of droplets for microfluidic applications
Corson L. T., Tsakonas C., Duffy B. R., Mottram N. J., Brown C. V., Wilson S. K.
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2014Mathematics in Industry Vol 22, pp. 1073-1080, (2017)

more publications

Professional activities

BIRS Workshop on Modelling of Thin Liquid Films - Asymptotic Approach vs. Gradient Dynamics
BIRS Workshop on Mathematical Criminology and Security
Lorentz Center Workshop on Micro- and Nano-Fluidics: Fundamentals and Applications
12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EFMC12)
3rd UK Fluids Conference 2018
European Commission - FP7 - European Research Council (External organisation)

more professional activities


Mathematical criminology and crime science
Ramage, Alison (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Stephen (Co-investigator)
Workshop at ICMS, Edinburgh
Period 01-Sep-2017
Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP 2016-2017 University of Strathclyde) | Schofield, Feargus
Wilson, Stephen (Principal Investigator) Pritchard, David (Co-investigator) Schofield, Feargus (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 01-Oct-2019
EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship: Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) / R160677-114
Pritchard, David (Principal Investigator) Mottram, Nigel (Co-investigator) Wilson, Stephen (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jun-2016 - 31-Mar-2017
Wilson, Stephen (Principal Investigator)
Period 18-Sep-2017 - 17-Apr-2018
Industrial Case Account 2016 | Cousins, Joseph
Wilson, Stephen (Principal Investigator) Mottram, Nigel (Co-investigator) Cousins, Joseph (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 01-Oct-2020
Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Industrially-Important Flows of Liquid Crystals: Spreading and Channel Filling
Wilson, Stephen (Principal Investigator) Mottram, Nigel (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 30-Sep-2020

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Mathematics and Statistics
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