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First Strathclyde GA Graduates

It was celebrations all round on 18th November 2021 when our first Graduate Apprentices from our Engineering: Design & Manufacture (EDM) programme walked proudly across the stage in the University's Barony Hall to receive their degree awards after four years of dedication juggling jobs and study.

Commencing on our first ever GA programme in 2017, 25 EDM learners were thrilled to have reached the point of graduation and delighted to have the opportunity to attend some of our first ceremonies being held again on campus.

For these work based learners, adjusting to the impact of the pandemic in the last two crucial years of their degree programme which also in employment was not easy however they have shown true resilience and adaptability to reach the end of their programme with exceptional academic standards achieved. A fitting day of celebration certainly made it all worthwhile.

We extend our congratulations to our GAs - and all graduates - in the Strathclyde class of 2021. You did it!