COSCA Certificate in Counselling SkillsConnor Woods

Why did you want to do the COSCA counselling certificate? 

I applied to the COSCA counselling course as I was interested in pursuing counselling professionally and wished to gain not only experience and a certificate in the field but also develop my understanding of counselling and psychotherapy theories academically and empathy skills experientially.

If you could only use three words to describe your journey on the COSCA course, what would they be?

If I could only use three words to describe my journey on the COSCA course they would be profound, insightful, and beautiful.

What has the course meant to you?

It has all felt quite radical and familiar all at once. The course has changed my understanding of people and how I relate to the world around me. It has been fundamental to my personal growth over the last year and allowed me to discover a passion for the counselling process and theory. It has been a little short of a religious experience for me and could not speak more highly of it. Watching my coursemates and I further our understanding of ourselves and each other has been a special experience, one that I will forever remember with fondness.

What was the most standout moment on the course?

The standout moment for me was the introduction to the person-centred modality. A presentation from Colin where he discussed his personal experiences and work and explained Rogers’ theories on the human condition and personal growth. We have been lucky enough to relive this almost every week in skills practice. These theories and my short experiences with them have been of immense value and at this time, I cannot see a point when that infatuation may stop.

What advice would you give someone who is considering doing the course?

The advice I would give to someone considering the course is to mentally and emotionally prepare to begin opening up to others and learn to accept others as they present to you. Expect that at times this may be quite challenging. If one wants to fully extract the benefit of this course, there must be a willingness to learn through experience, sit with some uneasy feelings and challenge your perceptions of others.

What is your next step in your journey?

Initially, I had hoped to lay a foundation in counselling skills so that I may train in counselling and psychotherapy. However, recent events out-with the course, have rekindled a desire for further academic challenge and a decision to return to university to study psychology and counselling psychology beyond that. I only hope I am up to the task.