Administration issues


By enrolling in one of our classes, you'll become registered as a Centre for Lifelong Learning student.

If your class is credit-bearing and therefore an Open Studies class, you can request a Registration Letter and a 'Limited Access' IT account at the start of your class.

This letter is your student identification and your key to access certain University facilities.  It allows you to:

  • apply to the University Library for an External Borrower's card
  • become a member of the Strathclyde University Students' Union

Your 'Limited Access' IT account allows you to become a Registered User of the University's computing facilities.

Registration effectively extends for the whole of an academic session. However please note that access to computing facilities is for a limited period. Centre for Lifelong Learning students who become Registered Computer Users are given access to facilities for the duration of the Open Studies class(es) on which they are enrolled.

Change of Address

If you change your address or telephone number during the course of the class please ensure that you notify the change(s) to Operations Team staff as soon as possible (or update these details in your personal profile in your MyCLL online account). This will enable us to contact you when required.

Contacting tutors

Some tutors work outside the University, so if you wish to contact staff outwith class sessions please contact us by email or by telephone and we'll make every effort to forward correspondence or messages.

Withdrawing from a class

If personal circumstances or other commitments prevent you from attending a class regularly or completing the coursework, you should notify your tutor. If you decide to withdraw, we ask you to inform the Centre for Lifelong Learning of your decision by email or by telephone as soon as possible.

Lost property

Enquiries about lost property within the Centre for Lifelong Learning should be normally be made at CLL Reception located on the 7th floor of the Graham Hills Building (40 George Street). 

Feedback from students

We're always interested in the views of our students and are keen to learn of ways in which our classes and procedures can be improved. Class evaluation forms are distributed in all classes and can be returned to your tutor or directly to the Centre for Lifelong Learning at any point in the class.

If you have any problems in your class, the matter should be raised with the class tutor. If for any reason this is not possible, you should contact the Community Engagement Manager, Lynda Scott on+44 (0) 141 548 4974 or by email at