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UCAS ClearingAdvice for parents and carers

Going to university is a big step for your children, as it is for you. Being a parent or carer, you want the best for your child. Below is some advice on how you can help them prepare for results day, should things not quite go to plan.

Research in advance

It pays to research in advance of results day, for all eventualities. Sit down with your child and encourage them to prepare by researching alternatives, should they not get their firm or insurance choices.

Check UCAS Track

As soon as receive their results, it’s worth advising them to check UCAS Track. If they’ve not met the conditions of their firm or insurance choices, they’ll see in Track that they’ve been entered into Clearing. A Clearing number will be provided which they’ll need to hand when they speak to universities.

A Clearing number will be provided in UCAS Track which your child will need when they speak to universities

Stay calm

While results day is an emotional time, it’s important to stay calm and reassure your son or daughter. There will be plenty of courses available for them to choose from.

Act quickly

While it’s important to not to panic, it’s best to act quickly. Encourage your child to seek advice from their teachers and tutors, and also refer to the list of options previously made in advance of results day.

Make a plan

When they’re ready to start talking to universities, make a plan. While they’re calling universities, you can help by researching universities your son or daughter is contacting - accommodation, cost of living, student life, distance from home etc.

Remind them to have their Clearing Number and UCAS ID to hand when calling

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