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Digital Inclusion Programme

The University of Strathclyde Digital Inclusion Programme is a technology loan scheme for students who do not have access to an appropriate PC or Laptop to support their learning. It is funded by a grant from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and is administered under the guidance of the SFC.

  • Number of scholarships Variable
  • Value Equipment loan
  • Opens 22 September 2022
  • Deadline 31 March 2023
  • Help with Equipment and study costs
  • Duration Provides an laptop on loan for the duration of studies


Laptop Loan Scheme


The University has laptops available for loan for students who do not have access to an appropriate PC or laptop to support their learning. These laptops have been funded through the University’s Discretionary fund allocation from SAAS, so as well as demonstrating need for a device students must also meet eligibility criteria:


Residence Conditions:


Students must meet the residence requirements for SAAS, Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance Northern Ireland living cost support and have taken out the maximum student loan available to them. The scheme is open to students who have a household income of below £34,999 per annum. SAAS funded students can demonstrate this by providing a copy of their award letter confirming they are in receipt of an enhanced student loan and/or bursary; and students from the rest of the UK can demonstrate this by supplying their award notice which provides a reference of this.If they meet these conditions, then they can apply if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

Undergraduate Students:

  • Are care experienced; or
  • Are in receipt of a University STAR Scholarship
  • Are receiving SAAS support that includes an enhanced student loan (for Independent Students) or a Young Students’ Bursary
  • Are in need of a device to support their learning

Postgraduate Students

Further Information


Will I get help?

On the application form we ask you to briefly explain why you need to borrow a laptop and/or wifi device. To lend you a device we need to know that:

  • (for laptops) You don’t already have an appropriate laptop available that only you use regularly
  • (for laptops) You’re not able to get help from another source to buy or borrow an appropriate laptop. For example, if the Disability and Wellbeing Service is supporting you to source a laptop through Disabled Students’ Allowance we would expect you to do that instead of applying to this scheme.

What can I get?

Students who meet the criteria will be offered:

  1. A Hewlett Packard (HP) laptop (or equivalent) that meets at least the minimum specifications recommended by Information Services.

This equipment will be loaned to you for the duration of your degree for your exclusive use. The laptop will come with a basic package of University licensed software.  The laptop will remain the property of the University, but you’ll be able to keep and use it until you finish your course.

I have a PC at home but I share it with other members of the household – can I still apply?

Yes – we expect students to be able to access a PC or laptop as often as they need it. The same applies if you borrow a parent’s laptop or computer to do your work.

I have a computer but it’s not much good – can I still apply?

Yes. If it doesn’t meet the University recommended specification, or if it is broken down/keeps breaking down please tell us on your form.

What if the laptop needs a repair?

The laptop will come with a 3-year warranty from HP and will also carry software remotely installed by our Information Services Directorate. You’ll be able to get support from HP and the University. If the device is broken and can’t be repaired, and the problem is not covered by the warranty, the University will lend you another device up to a maximum of three devices over your degree.

I’m an international student – why can’t I apply?

The funding we receive for this scheme has residence requirements that we must follow.

I don’t meet any of the personal criteria but still need access to a laptop – can I apply because of my individual circumstances?

We will also consider those who have exceptional need. Please explain these circumstances in your application.